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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Doctor in Dentistry

Doctor in Dentistry

The dentistry career proposes the formation and development of human talent, with a great sense of responsibility, social and ethical commitment. A complete professional, with the solid human formation, with adequate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to improve the oral health levels prevalent in the population.

Prepared to use the scientific and technological advances of the profession at national and international level. Formed with attitudes and values ​​consistent with the ethics of the profession, following the guidelines of higher education among which stand out, research, continuous updating and vocation of service, recognizing that oral health is essential for general health.

Why Dentistry?

The Odontology career guarantees a professional profile with a socio-critical and intellectual approach, competitiveness, entrepreneurial spirit and human sense. It has an innovative curriculum, personalized teaching, community health training and social projection. Putting within the student's reach the tools that allow them to experience and characterize communities, identify their needs and propose solutions, while developing research projects to impact the environment. A management and administration training that enhances the technical-professional and clinical training of the career, guaranteeing an integral professional profile with wide possibilities in the national and international market.

Professional Profile

The graduate of the Dentistry career of INTEC is a professional with comprehensive training, shows ability to face the challenges of dentistry with openness to change. Evidence of scientific, technological and humanistic training to promote oral health, as well as prevent, diagnose and solve oral diseases, at the individual, family and community level in the local and global context.

He is a professional who has the relevant skills to act guided with ethical commitment, social responsibility, tolerance, respect, attention to diversity and leadership, in order to perform proactively in the exercise of their profession. Keeping updated through the exercise of the investigation continues in its field of action.


  1. Identify and internalize the key moments in the history of INTEC, its mission and vision, as well as the values ​​that accompany its history to achieve greater identification with your institution, to express yourself with pride, and to develop guided by these in your university and professional life .
  2. Demonstrates and assumes a critical and sensitive attitude towards the natural and social environment, showing a humanistic behavior towards society, and preservation of natural resources, in order to become aware of and commit to respect individual diversity, and conservation of the environment ambient.
  3. Actively participates as a citizen in the local or international context, in society, as well as in different civic entities and non-profit organizations, evidencing the attitude and aptitude of an ethical professional, and committed to generating the transcendental changes demanded by society in which is inserted.
  4. He builds his own communication skills in at least one foreign language, in order to expand his cultural knowledge and acquire the necessary bases to use the technicalities of a second language in scientific research, professional exchanges, training and even in the full performance of his own medical practice
  5. It responds to the fundamental purposes of dentistry, with the attitudes, values, and skills necessary to assume its responsibility in society as a professional. In this sense, it will be able to attend, recognize and efficiently solve the needs of the population at the primary and secondary levels of oral health care.
  6. He keeps his knowledge updated on the different areas of dentistry, through the habit of reviewing, studying and analyzing the periodicals available in journals and scientific bulletins, having the ability to learn continuously.
  7. Identifies and analyzes the particularities of a service organization, from its structural aspects to its operational aspects, in order to work in the administration of a dental service institution.
  8. He integrates and directs multi and transdiciplinary research projects, which demand continuous training and updating of his knowledge, in order to be inserted in the field of applied research, teaching and dental administration, both in the local and international context .


    1. Program structured in quarter, lasting 4 years and six months or 18 quarters.
    2. Internationalization: opportunity for national and international mobility programs, through which you can interact and live experience with professors and students from other universities and countries.
    3. Social Dentistry Internship: The student integrates full time to work or hospital and community work, performing specific tasks in a community or primary care center.
    4. Approach of the general subjects, to guarantee the academic quality of the program and the learning of the necessary skills for a general dentist.
    5. From the beginning of the career the student enters the scientific world of research in the sciences of dentistry.
    6. Opportunity to undertake innovative projects in the field of Dentistry.
    7. Continuous and systematic accompaniment to the passing of his university life.
    8. We have a specialized language center where you can learn English, French, Creole, Portuguese, Mandarin and more.


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