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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Financial facilities Quarter August - October 2021

1st week (Until August 14)

  • 10% discount for prompt payment: in the total of your selection.

2nd - 4th Week

  • 5% discount: in the total of your selection when paying it from the 2nd to the 4th week (Until September 4).

5nd - 8th Week

  • Second payment:  From the 5th to the 8th week (from September 5 to October 2).
Please note: * Transitional facility valid during the pandemic period.

Financial Calendar

  • Registration: until one day before the selection
  • On Saturday of the 4th week of classes of each term, the deadline for making the first payment of 50% of the total of the selection expires, without surcharges. 
  • On Saturday of the 8th week of classes of each term, the deadline for making the 2nd payment of the remaining 50% of the total selection expires, without surcharges. 
  • Visit "Payment" to see the payment methods.


  • Cadidates must have their balance at zero.
  • The discount for academic index is applied automatically according to the established scale to whoever applies. For the calculation, the quarter prior to the one just ended is taken into consideration, according to the table.
  • Any student who has not paid the debt generated during registration will be charged an 20% surcharge of the unpaid portion.