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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo


You can benefit from discounts when you pay early, have a high rate, or are a direct relative of a member of the Intecian community. Know the options.

For Soon Payment

Discount% DiscountTerms of use
1ra week 5% If you pay the 100% of the selected materials on the specified date.
2da to the 4ta week 2%

Note: * Transitional facility valid during the pandemic period.

By Academic Index

Accumulated Grade Index Scale% DiscountTerms of use
De 3.40 a 3.60 4% It is automatically applied according to the established scale and is effective from the third quarter. This discount is applied to the total amount of the credits.
De 3.61 a 3.80 6%
De 3.81 a 3.90 8%
De 3.91 a 4.00 10%

Family Discount Plan

INTEC interested in collaborating with families who have chosen this institution for the professional training of their children, has a family discount plan in the cost of credits.

BeneficiaryDiscountConditionDocuments to deposit
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATES: 15% Graduated from a bachelor's, graduate, or master's degree program.
  • Application form completed and signed by one of the beneficiaries.*
  • A 2 x 2 photograph.
  • Prove kinship: Birth certificates of the beneficiary and the family member (s) involved.
  • Accredit graduate status. Graduate Card (a).
  • Accredit active student status. I receive payment of the quarter.
First child of a graduate * 10% Registered in any regular program.
Second son (a) of graduate (a) and subsequent * 15% From the second son (a) of graduate (a) enrolled (a).
Brother of a graduate * 15% From the third brother (a) enrolled (a).
Brother of a registered student * 10% From the second brother (a) enrolled in a undergraduate degree, provided that the first is active.


* For the application of this discount, the student must fill out the Family Discount Plan Form.

* This request must be made before the 6th. week to be applied in the current quarter, if sent after this date, it would be applied for the next quarter.

* All INTEC students can only receive one benefit (% scholarship) at a time, from the same institution.

* INTEC scholarships do not accumulate; a single benefit must be chosen. Currently, the system assumes the highest of the benefits presented by the student.

* The discounts for the concept of Prompt Payment and Academic Index do apply and accumulate, regardless of whether or not the student has a scholarship.

* Academic Rate and Prompt Payment discounts do not apply to students in the Federal Loan Program.