Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTECbefore the pandemic ofCOVID-19

El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) organizes a series of webinars, in which it analyzes the effects of the pandemic in the Dominican Republic in different orders, and together with experts it sets out to identify opportunities and challenges that lead to decision-making.

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«Fiscal and Monetary Policies in times of COVID-19»

  • Fernando Pellerano / Full professor and researcher (UASD)
  • Frank Fuentes / Dominican economist and representative (IMF)
  • José R. Sánchez Fung / Professor of Economics (University of Nottingham)
  • Rolando M. Guzmán / Professor of Economics and Rector (INTEC)
  • Rafael Espinal / Coordinator of the Careers in Economics and Financial Engineering at INTEC.

«After COVID-19: recovering exports and generating foreign exchange»

  • Andrés Marranzini / Executive Vice President of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES)
  • Edwin de los Santos / President of the Association of Foreign Investment Companies (ASIEX)
  • Hugo Rivera / Vice Minister of Economic Affairs and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • José Manuel Torres / Executive Vice President of the Dominican Association of Free Zones (ADOZONA)
  • Luís Concepción / President of the Dominican Association of Exporters (ADOEXPO)
  • Pavel Isa / Coordinator of the Dominican Observatory of International Trade.

«Vote and Pandemic in the Dominican Republic»

  • Carlos Pimentel / Executive Director of Citizen Participation
  • Fernando Henríquez / Coordinator of the Justice and Transparency Table of the Citizen Forum
  • Juan Bolívar Díaz / Coordinator of Democratic Coalition
  • Pedro Luis Castellanos / Superintendent of Occupational Health and Risk
  • Rafael Toribio / Political scientist and past rector of INTEC.

«The Future of Social Security after the COVID-19 Pandemic» Part I: Pension Systems

  • Arlette Pichardo / Associate Researcher at OSES
  • Diego Valero / President of the Novaster Pension Consulting
  • Eduard del Villar / Deputy General Manager of the National Social Security Council (CNSS)
  • Rafael "Pepe" Abreu / President of the National Confederation of Union Unity (CNUS)
  • Eladio Pérez / Coordinator of the Dominican Observatory of Social Security

"The life of women in the COVID-19 era"

  • Altagracia Valdez / Director Espacio Equilibrio
  • Dinys Luciano / Development Connections Manager
  • Francisca Peguero / Coordinator of the National Nurses Association (Asonaen)
  • Janet Camilo / Minister for Women
  • Millizen Uribe / Journalist
  • Fátima Lorenzo / coordinator of the INTEC Center for Gender Studies.

«Challenges for mental health during and post-pandemic»

  • Fabián Román / Director of the Iberoamerican Network of Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Maricécili Mora Ramis / Master Coordinator in Clinical and Health Psychology at INTEC
  • Rosa Mariana Brea Franco / Psychologist, specialist in Crisis, trauma and grief intervention
  • Suzana Guerrero / Coordinator of the Psychiatry Practice Module in the Medicine career at INTEC
  • Dalul Ordehi / Dean of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area.

«Implications of COVID-19 for the Dominican education system»

  • Antonio Caparrós / Executive Director of the INICIA Education Foundation
  • Antón Tejada / President Association of Private Educational Institutions (AINEP)
  • Dinorah García Romero / Rector of the Higher Institute of Educational Studies Pedro Poveda
  • Víctor Sánchez / Vice Minister of Education Director of the Office of Planning and Development
  • Xiomara Guante / President of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP)
  • Elisa González / Coordinator of the Center for Educational Studies of INTEC.

"Economic implications of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic"

  • Juan Manuel Sontag / General Director of Economic and Social Development of the MEPYD
  • Along with other specialists
  • Magdalena Lizardo / Executive Director of the Pareto Consulting Group - Professor of Economics and Business at INTEC
  • Pavel Isa / ODCI Coordinator - Research Professor at INTEC
  • Rafael Espinal / Coordinator of the INTEC School of Economics
  • Richard Medina Gómez / Director of the Ministerial Cabinet and financial advisor to the Ministry of Finance
  • Armado Barrios / Dean of the Department of Economy and Business of INTEC

«Capabilities of the Dominican Health System before COVID-19»

  • Amado Alejandro Baéz / President Cluster of Health of Santo Domingo Professor of MCG / and Harvard / BIDMC
  • Eduardo Cruz / Executive President of Grupo Humano
  • Jefrey Lizardo / Manager of Health services SENASA
  • Jorge Marte Báez / Medical Director of CEDIMAT, Medical Advisor to the Executive Power
  • Jesús Fernandes / Executive President of Clinica Abreu
  • Eladio Pérez / Coordinator of the Dominican Observatory of Social Security