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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo
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The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is a private Dominican institution of higher education of public service, a non-profit, founded in 1972 by a group of academics committed to the social transformation of the country and the continuous betterment of the quality of the life of its inhabitants. It is defined by innovation and the complementarity of its academic offer in the areas of Engineering, Business, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • History

    INTEC was founded as an "institution given mainly to offer postgraduate programs in non-traditional areas, permanent education programs, programs for executives and research."

  • Government

    INTEC has four management bodies: its General Assembly, Board of Regents, Rectory and an Academic Council.

  • Our Campus

    INTEC is located on the Avenida De Los Próceres, Sector Los Jardines del Norte in the city of Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, in the vicinity of the National Botanical Garden.

  • Institutional Strategy

    The INTEC's 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, expressed in our institution's mission, vision and values, is the product of a deep reflection on our work ethic and at the same time, it declares where we are going, combining the fertile ground of accumulated experience and the transforming fertilizer of a new gaze.

  • Transparency

    Each year we publish an Institutional Report and the audited financial statements, so INTEC's annual reports are available to interested persons.

  • Memberships

    We are part of dozens of national and international associations, centers, networks, chambers and university federations aimed at raising the quality of our programs, and staying connected with other allied entities.

  • INTEC in Brief

    Today INTEC is a thriving community of 5,200 students and about 25,000 graduates who believe in the transformative power of knowledge. We are committed to providing solutions that ensure a better future for Dominican society and the world.