Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Active students do not need to go through the Reentry or Re-admission Process to enroll in the May - July 2020 term. The Reentry Process is enabled only for those students who have been admitted to a program and who have stopped enrolling for one or several quarters.

Re-admission process applies when:

  • When an extension of permanence has been approved, after having been separated due to the expiration of the term to conclude his career.
  • When, studying Medicine, the pre-medical cycle has finished, with a minimum index of 2.50.
  • When a student has a quarterly index below 2.00, but his accumulated index is above that value, it will be considered in observed condition and therefore must be referred to Academic Counseling.

The re-entry form will be available until April 20. Remember, after completing the application call 809-567-9271 Option 1.

Form of RE-ENTRY