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Admission Test to Degree

Verbal reasoning: Critical Reading, Complete the Sense of a Sentence, Analog Reasoning and Indirect Writing.
Mathematical reasoning: Arithmetic, Algebra I, Geometry, Basic Statistics and Probability.
Step 1:

Complete the Admission Application Form and submit your documents to Admissions.

  • Admission requirements.
  • Calendar.
  • Rates
  • Financial Calendar and Forms of Payment.
Step 2:

Pay in Check Box or Main Box.

  • Make the payment of RD$5,000:
    • Registration Box of the Ercilia Pepín Building: Hours: Monday through Friday from 8: 00 am to 8: 00 pm and Saturdays from 8: 00 am to 1: 00 pm
Step 3:

Download the Study Guide and Register.

  • Go through the Evaluation and Testing Unit of the Student Services Department, Edif. Ercilia Pepín first floor in Admissions, Monday through Friday from 9: 00 am to 8: 00 pm
  • Deliver copy of receipt of payment to confirm registration.
  • Verify that you are given a ticket with the classroom number, date, and time of the test.
  • Read and practice the exercises in the guide. You can not use calculator.

resource of interest

ELASH II Study Guide

Step 4:

Attend the test day.


  • Any identity document with photo and name (ID, passport, college or university card, health insurance, driver's license), anyone with a recent photo. If you do not bring the identity document, you will have to take the test to enter the next quarter, you will keep the payment made but you have to send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register to take the test on the next available date.
  • Bring a coat, the cold could be a distractor.
  • Have breakfast or lunch properly. The cafeteria will not be available as you can not leave the building although there is a brief pause of 5 minutes in the middle of the examination.
  • Rest the day before.
  • Watches or cell phone alarms should not make any sound.
  • Check on your map where the test building is.

Do not bring:

  • Stationery such as pencils, erasers or pencil sharpeners, that will be provided in the classroom.
  • Dictionaries, calculators, ipod or any electronic device.
  • Mobile phone. If you were to bring it, it must remain off and stored throughout the evaluation process. If it vibrates or the alarm clock makes a sound, your test will be canceled.
photo-1487611459768-bd414656ea10-86f573d5 Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo - Prueba de admisión de grado (PAA)

For more information

For more information:
Phone: 809-567-9271 
Exts. 368 and 686.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.