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Strategic thinking

The INTEC's 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, expressed in our institution's mission, vision and values, is the product of a deep reflection on our work ethic and at the same time, it declares where we are going, combining the fertile ground of accumulated experience and the transforming fertilizer of a new gaze.


We are an academic community committed to innovation, research, the training of socially responsible, competent and entrepreneurial citizens, and to the generation of knowledge for the transformation and sustainable development of our country.


To be the leader in attracting and developing excellent talent, innovative solutions and practices that respond to the challenges of the region.

Strategic purposes

  • Leader for its training and scientific-technological activities, with updated and anticipatory academic offerings.
  • Positioning as a preferred partner in national scientific, technological and productive development.
  • Demanding and welcoming institution.
  • Preferred space for societal investments in excellent and sustainable higher education.
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Commitment to academic excellence

We are an academic community committed to the highest quality standards in each stage of the processes through which we develop our actions, with the firm purpose that our actions result in the critical training of our students and in relevant contributions to the society of which we are part of.

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Innovative leadership in the higher education system

We are characterized by generating innovative initiatives in higher education in our academic offering, in our educational model and in the performance of our different missionary functions and thus serve as a model for other sister institutions with which we are willing to collaborate.

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Governance and institutional culture

We are proud and value the institutionality of our government system for the transparent way in which our authorities are elected, accountable and evaluated, with alternation in command, without external interventions, as well as collegiality and participation in established spaces with freedom to express opinions and for the respect that characterizes us as a plural academic community.

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Sense of belonging

We are proud to be part of INTEC because we identify and feel accepted and valued as Intecians, with the richness of our differences, and we share the opportunity to grow and channel our efforts into a community committed to the country and its future.

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Commitment and social and environmental responsibility

We are an academic community that, in carrying out its functions, privileges its critical insertion in the Dominican reality through the comprehensive training of its students as socially involved citizens and the search for solutions to social and environmental problems through research, innovation and the service.