Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Rector selection process

1. Summary of the desired position and profile
1.1 Objectives of the position

Direct the highest academic and administrative functions of the institution, as the highest executive authority. Lead the strategic approach and fulfill the mission objectives of INTEC, its sustainability, expansion and transparency. Ensure the quality of academic exercise in teaching, research and extension. Influence the profile and recognition of graduates, the social participation of the university and the deployment of their values. Encourage permanent innovation and updating in the institution, and strengthen its positioning at the local and international level.

1.2 Scope of action of the position

The Rectory reports to the Board of Regents and its head leads the Academic Council and the university strategic management team. It has the necessary autonomy for decision-making and to engage the Institution in any activity, as well as for the management, administration and control of internal resources. It is responsible for the results of the Institution, for compliance with the strategic plan approved for each period, for institutional growth, for curricular and technological updating, for compliance with policies and regulations, and for ethical, transparent and inclusive institutional performance.

The Rector's powers are, according to the INTEC Statutes:

  1. Organize and direct at the highest level the academic and administrative functions of the Institution, as the highest executive authority.
  2. Approve the hiring of INTEC academic and administrative staff in the manner established in these Statutes and the regulations in force.
  3. Represent INTEC in court, with the proper authorization of the Board of Regents, and, in general, represent INTEC ex officio in any management or activity in which it intervenes.
  4. Sign on behalf of INTEC in any transaction or legal operation in which it participates, always within the limits authorized by the Board of Regents.
  5. Establish and direct public and inter-institutional relations, as well as sign on behalf of INTEC any collaboration agreement or agreement.
  6. Convene the Academic Council, at least once a month and as many times as necessary and preside over its meetings.
  7. Delegate to other INTEC officials the powers indicated in letters b, c, d and f of this article;
  8. To decide in the first instance and within the area of ​​its competence, about all cases of doubt or conflict related to the interpretation of the Statutes or Internal Regulations of INTEC.
  9. Request the Registration of Incorporation, the qualification and qualification of INTEC in accordance with the provisions of Law 122-05 and its implementing regulations.
2.1 - Generic requirements (INTEC Statutes, art. 35)

“To be Rector or Vice Chancellor, you must be of legal age and be in full enjoyment of your civil and political rights. It is also required to be a university graduate at the postgraduate level, have practiced teaching or scientific research for a minimum of five (5) years and be a person of recognized moral solvency both in his public and private life. ”

2.2 - Specific requirements (Regulation for the Selection and Appointment of the Rector and Vice Chancellors, art. 22)
  • Be willing to assume the institutional regulations and philosophy of INTEC.
  • Possess management capacity, strategic vision and ability to work in a team.
  • Be able to assume the performance of the position with exclusive dedication.
  • Be able to travel internationally without immigration restrictions.
  • Have command of the English language and knowledge of other languages ​​will be weighted.
  • And any other requirement established in the INTEC Statutes.

These requirements and other desirable characteristics and competencies are summarized in the aforementioned Regulation.

3. Documents and commitments required
3.1 Documents
  • Updated CV, accompanied by a letter of expression of interest and readiness for full-time dedication.
  • Documentary evidence of the generic and specific requirements.
  • Present the general lines of a Development Plan that shows the educational philosophy, vision, mission and goals that it intends to develop in the university during the period for which it is postulated.
  • Any other documentation that the Advisory Committee designated by the Board of Regents for the conduct of the selection process deems relevant.
3.2 Commitment of the applicants in reference to the process
  • Participate in the interviews to which I will be summoned.
  • Authorize INTEC to validate documents and obtain professional and personal references that it considers pertinent.
  • Participate in the evaluation of competences by an external consulting firm.
4. Reception and deadlines

Expressions of interest will be received digitally at the INTEC Board of Regents Office.

New deadline for receipt: 30 2020 de septiembre.
Contacts: Patricia Peña, Coordinator of the Board of Regents. Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For additional information or appointments, call Patricia Peña at 829-717-9282 and 809-567-9271 ext. 320

("The aforementioned email is for the exclusive use of the Rector's process. In case of other vacancies and job applications, go to People Management")

5. Guidelines related to the selection process.
  • In the case of applications submitted by third parties, the documentation to be delivered must also include a presentation communication by the member of the Inteciana Community and the written consent of the postulate (a).
  • Applications will be referred to the Advisory Committee, which will verify compliance with the requirements to establish potential candidates.
  • The Advisory Committee will operate in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations for the Selection and Appointment of the Rector and Vice Chancellors.
  • Applicants will be notified of the results of the selection process.
  • INTEC reserves the right to extend the deadline for receiving applications or to make a new call, if deemed necessary.
6. Recruitment time
  • The Rector is appointed by the Board of Regents in consultation with the Academic Council, for a period of three (3) years, and may be reelected as established in the Statutes of INTEC.

Documentary References:

INTEC Statutes and Regulations for the Selection and Appointment of the Rector and Vice Chancellors. Rector profile.