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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Research Director

Objectives of the position

Lead the processes and activities related to the management of scientific and technical knowledge at the university, with regard to its production, dissemination and dissemination, storage, and transfer.

Promote the development of the research culture, the increase in scientific and technical production and the growth of the University's participation in research projects, through participation in both national and international funding calls, with the support of a network of researchers who generate value for themselves, for INTEC, the productive sectors and society in general.

The Director of Research structurally reports to the Vice-Rector for Research and Liaison; he is a member of the Academic Council.

Main functions of the position

  1. Plan and direct strategic actions aimed at stimulating research activities at INTEC, with an emphasis on increasing scientific production of international quality.
  2. Manage the administrative, technical and financial instruments for the deployment and control of investigations, in particular the INTEC Research Fund.
  3. Administer the processes of calls under the INTEC Research Fund, as well as external national and international calls.
  4. Submit research project proposals to the Research Council for evaluation and decision.
  5. Coordinate the work of the INTEC Research Council and the Research Ethics Committee.
  6. Supervise the development of research sponsored or cosponsored by both national and international organizations and the Institution.
  7. Promote training and development programs for researchers aimed at INTEC teaching staff and students.
  8. Encourage and maintain relationships with national and international organizations in order to achieve the agreements, promotions and financing necessary for carrying out investigations managed by the Institution.
  9. Ensure the intellectual property of the knowledge generated in its area of ​​control.
  10. Ensure the publication and dissemination of research, and academic contributions in institutional journals or other media.
  11. Ensure compliance with policies and regulations related to research and scientific dissemination.
  12. Participate in collegiate bodies for making normative and procedural decisions.


Generic requirements (INTEC Statutes, Art. 40)

“To be a director of the Institution, it is required to have at least a university academic degree in a branch of knowledge related to the Area that he directs. In the case of those responsible for academic units, experience as a researcher, teacher or university administrator is also required ”.

Specific Requirements (Position Profile)

  • Possess at least the degree of Master of Science, with training and experience oriented to project management. It is preferred that the candidate has a doctorate level.
  • Have training and experience oriented to project management in the field of research in higher education, as well as an adequate understanding of knowledge production processes.
  • Possess experience in teaching, research and / or university management positions related to these functions.
  • Possess experience in the development of local and international academic cooperation networks, in the field of research.
  • Possess command of the oral and written English language and virtual environments.
  • To be a person of recognized moral solvency both in his professional practice and in his public life and in his private life.
  • Possess leadership and management skills.

Modality of contracting

  • Contract for an indefinite period and full time dedication.

Documents and process

  • Updated resume, accompanied by the summary form.
  • Documentary evidence of the generic and specific requirements.
  • Participate in the interviews and evaluations that are required.
  • Authorize INTEC to validate documents and obtain professional and personal references that it considers pertinent.

Online application

Requests will be received at the People Management Department, electronically to the mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Directorate of Personnel Management (DGP-INTEC)

Phone: 809-567-9271 Ext. 275/545