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Project Leader for ERP

Objective of the position

Plan, Coordinate and Supervise all phases of Information Technology and Telecommunications Projects; according to the established times, specifications considered, budgets and resources assigned, associated risks and the defined deliverables/products/agreements.


  • Degree professionals in Technology, Telecommunications and related areas, Management and leadership skills, Planner with the ability to prioritize tasks, Time manager, Negotiation and persuasion skills, Communication skills, Analysis, Knowledge of tools and applications specialized in projects, Knowledge of drafting project reports (General Reports, Closing Report, Status Reports, etc.).
  • Desirable: Problem solving, General knowledge of ICT Technologies and Business Models, Management and skills of ICT concepts, Knowledge of Academic and Financial Processes.
  • Our key activities include:
  • Implementation of a Document Management System.
  • Formulation of work methodology for managing milestones and solving occurrences.
  • Management of meetings to evaluate the evolution of the project, anticipate problems and resolve conflicts.
  • Cost and Budget Analysis
  • Capacity Development for Information Management and Delivery.
  • Coordination and Logistics of ICT Projects.
  • Formulation, Planning, Coordination and Supervision of Projects.

What does the position imply:

  • Work closely with academic and financial teams to understand their processes and functional requirements.
  • Design and develop testing strategies to ensure that the system meets functional and non-functional requirements in these areas.
  • Create functional and non-functional test cases that evaluate the performance, usability and adaptability of the system in the academic and financial context.
  • Monitor test execution and document results, ensuring that any issues or failures are correctly identified and reported.
  • Collaborate with the functional analysis team to resolve inconsistencies and ambiguities in system specifications.
  • Coordinate the creation of test environments and the preparation of data necessary for testing.
Mandatory required experience:
  • Project Management Experience
  • Experience in Software Quality Management
  • Experience in the Educational Field
  • Knowledge of Educational Regulations
  • Risk Management

Documents and process

  • Send an updated resume and documentary evidence of the general and specific requirements.
  • Participate in interviews and evaluations as required.
  • Authorize INTEC to validate documents and obtain professional and personal references that it deems pertinent.

Modality of contracting:  

  • Indefinite contract with full-time dedication in face-to-face mode.

Directorate of People Management (DGP-INTEC)

E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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