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INTEC participates in the Process of Five Year Evaluation

El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) develops the Five-Year Evaluation Process that is followed by Dominican higher education institutions every five years, and which is led by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT), through its Vice Ministry of Evaluation and Accreditation .

The objective of the process, which is regulated by Law 139-01 on Higher Education, is “to monitor the operation and improvement of HEIs. And, in this sense, the institutional evaluation fulfills the objective of producing a diagnosis as complete and reliable as possible of each institution, which is intended to serve as a support to promote the reinforcement of the areas or components that were revealed effective, as well as to guide the improvement actions of those aspects that showed deficiencies ”. 

contribute to the development and qualitative improvement of the system and the institutions that comprise it and guarantee the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of higher education and science and technology activities.

What aspects do you evaluate?

The Five-Year Evaluation Process evaluates all institutional work around seven dimensions:

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Stages of the Five-Year Evaluation Process

The External Evaluation consists of the process through which the MESCYT verifies the objectivity and fidelity of the content of the self-evaluation carried out and reported by the HEI regarding its conditions of offer of services and operation to fulfill its mission and its institutional development project, within the framework of the regulations that govern and in accordance with the established standards.

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Stages of the External Evaluation Process

Meeting of the external peer reviewers with the authorities of the institution and the internal self-assessment committee (CIAE)
Validation meeting with identified stakeholders and key actors
Tour of the institution's facilities
Analysis and validation of findings and evidence
Presentation of the findings resulting from the visit to the authorities of the institution.
Preparation of Report of observations to the external evaluation report.