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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Then the electronic contacts of experts in different branches, by academic area. For any support or guidance, do not hesitate to contact us:

Press team

Carmen Matos

Director of Institutional Communication
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T .: 809-567-9271 Ext. 244

Cynthia Abreu

Press and Content Coordinator
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T .: 809-567-9271 Ext. 244

Rossbell De la Rosa

Press and Content Manager
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Our specialists

Martín Meléndez

Civil engineer with a master's degree in disaster management.

  • Coordinator of the student group "Engineers Without Borders".
  • He worked on the reconstruction of Indonesia after the December tsunami of 2004, in Ecuador, after the earthquake and in Central America, after Hurricane Mitch.

José Manuel Díaz

Metallic structures

Tulio Rodríguez

Construction Management and Project Management

  • Coordinator of the International Engineering Programs (2 + 2)

José Toirac

Specialist in Concrete and Cement

Rosaura Pimentel

Researcher on payment rates for Environmental Services for Water Resources (Water)

  • Teacher of masters such as Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and Food Handling

Dr. José Contreras

Chemical, Researcher. Environmental management; Climate Change; Air Quality, Water Quality, Environmental Impact Assessment.

Dr. Yolanda León

Researcher Biology, genetics, biodiversity, turtles and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • In charge of the Remote Sensing Laboratory, INTEC

Dr. René Piedra


  • Coordinator of the degree in Mathematics, INTEC

MSc. Josefina Vázquez

Environmental Management, environment

  • Coordinator of the environmental sub-area, INTEC

Dr. Luciano Sbriz Zeitun


  • In charge of the Physics laboratory, INTEC

Dr. Melvin Arias

Physical. Researcher and in charge of the Nanotechnology Laboratory

  • Investigator. PROJECT: 1D nanostructures of LiMxMn2-xO4 (M = Co, Ni, Cr, Fe, Al) for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries by "electrospinning" from sol-gel

Prof. Manuel González

Energy efficiency

  • In charge of the Energy Efficiency Laboratory, INTEC

Leonel Bodden


  • Coordinator of the master's degree in corporate finance, INTEC
  • Manager of Bodden Fernández y Asociados (Consulting)

Carlos Diloné


  • Coordinator of the master's degree in tax planning and management

Luis Torres


  • Professor of the Business Area, Corporate Finance and Senior Management, INTEC
  • Director of banking supervision, Superintendency of Banks

Monserrat Acosta

Environmental economist

Solhanlle Bonilla

Environmental Socioeconomy

Issues of environmental economics, governance of natural resources, payment for environmental services (PSA), etc.

Fabricio Gómez Mazara


Alejandro herrera


Luis Vargas


Pavel Isa


Principal Investigator of the International Trade Observatory (ODCI)

Sarah Angelica Felix


Pablo Vicioso


Dr. Ceferino Brache Espinal


  • Head of Surgical Area INTEC
  • Professor of residency, Surgical Area Salvador B. Gautier Hospital
809.567.9271 Ext. 255 or 293

Dr. Elbi Eulogio Mora Báez

Pediatrician - Endocrinologist

  • Pediatric Chair Coordinator, INTEC
  • Head of endocrinology services, Robert Read Cabral Hospital
  • Private consultation, UCE Medical Center
809.567.9271 Ext. 255 or 293

Dr. Fernando Santamaría

Sexology and adolescence

  • -Deputy Dean of the Area of ​​Medicine, INTEC

Dr. Yulino Castillo Núñez

Internal Medicine

Dr. Maritza Martínez

Public Health

Dr. Emilton López

Community Health

  • INTEC Social Intern Coordinator
  • Provincial Director of Public Health, Baní

Lourdes Contreras

Specialist in gender and development, Director of the Center for Gender Studies (CEG-INTEC)

Fatima Portorreal

Anthropologist, researcher

Carlos Andújar


Mabel Artidiello

PhD in Philosophical Sciences. Lines of work and research: Methodology, Latin American Philosophy (liberation theology), Art (aesthetics), Innovation and entrepreneurship.

Elsa López

Sociologist Deputy Dean of the Social Sciences Area

Carlos Cabrera


Antinoe Fiallo Billini


Specialists in Dominican socio-historical processes

Manuel Matos Diedoné

Innovative strategies in teaching Spanish Linguistics, Art and culture, Spanish, research methodology

809.567.9271 Ext. 296 and 258

Clodoaldo Mateo

Political Sciences

Lourdes Meirelles


Specialist in Risk Management

Jorge Ulloa Hung