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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

We live in an Outstanding Hive

The Rectory, through the Directorate of People Management, organized the delivery of the Outstanding Beehive Award, through which each year the work teams are recognized in two categories Permanent Team and Temporary Team with the greatest contribution

We live in an Outstanding Hive

SANTO DOMINGO. Through the delivery of the Outstanding Beehive Award, the Rectory, through the Directorate of People Management, recognized the Multimedia Services Unit as the permanent team with the greatest contribution and the Sustainable Campus Project, as the Temporary team with the greatest contribution in the university to the 2014-2015 period.

Pablo Lozano, Juan Alberto Javier, Yunior Beriguete, Vicmil Alexander Ortiz and Leonel Osvaldo Cubilete of the Multimedia Services Unit, were recognized for rethinking and improving the multimedia services of the university, expanding the scope of the unit with a transversal approach and the design and execution of audiovisual productions of technical update.

Likewise, the Multimedia Services Unit received the Award due to the development of interdisciplinary experiences that link the audiovisual with careers in the area of ​​Engineering.

The Community of Practice of the Mathematics career and the Multimodal Resource Center for Learning were also nominated for this award.

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While the Team that developed the Sustainable Campus Project in the university was recognized as the Temporary Team with the greatest contribution. Through the Project, the plan for the separation and recycling of waste and the reduction of water and energy consumption at the institutional level was implemented. Likewise, they were awarded for the community's awareness of waste management.

The Sustainable Campus Project was enlightened by Rosaura Pimentel, Josefina Vásquez, Solhanlle Bonilla, José Contreras, Cándido Quintana, Yolanda León, Virgilio Miniño, Rawel Santana, Roberto Mercado, Alfonso Casasnovas, Emil Miguel Pelletier and Félix Omar Sepúlveda. 

The teams of the Educational Model Commission for the creation of a multidisciplinary team for the formulation of a proposal to review the educational model of the INTEC and the Commission of General Studies. 

By offering a few words, Rector Rolando M. Guzmán said that if the university has achieved and exceeded some of its most important goals, it is not only because of the quality of its teachers, students and collaborators, but also because of its sense of team and vision. of integration of the institution.

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Since 2008, the Rectory recognizes the contribution to the strengthening of the institution of its work teams through initiatives and results, in terms of the quality of services, the improvement of processes, the optimization of the use of resources and the expansion of its academic modalities (teaching, research and links), in accordance with the objectives set out in the INTEC Strategy 2013-2017. All this through the Outstanding Beehive Award that brings together teams with recognizable achievements, postulated within the community.


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