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Seven intecianos will be recognized as Outstanding Graduates

In the thirteenth installment of the Outstanding Graduate Award, the university honors honest performance and contributions made by its talents

Seven intecianos will be recognized as Outstanding Graduates

SANTO DOMINGO. - The doctores Raymundo Jiménez Hernández y Ryna Karina Then Vargas; that engineers Héctor Alberto Bretón Sánchez, Celso Manuel Pérez González, Lourdes Alejandra Aybar Díaz y Milton Welcome Hernández Olmos, and the psychologist Glorianna Cristina Montás Ponceano will be recognized in the thirteenth delivery of Outstanding Alumnus Award of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) to be held this October 24 at the hotel The Embassador.

The graduates were Chosen by jury during a Plenary Session in which the merits and the career path of the 34 candidates presented by society in an open process and the result of electronic voting, by its community of graduates.

In twelve deliveries, INTEC has recognized 81 graduates in the areas de Health Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering y Economy and business.

The annual election of the winners is carried out by a rigorous evaluation and selection mechanism, composed of two stages: an open application process, in which members of the university community and society, as well as organizations and groups propose to those who consider deserving Then, the applications are confirmed and evaluated, after which they are submitted to electronic voting before the community of graduates.

In a second stage, a jury chaired by the Rector and composed of executives and personalities close to the university ponders the nominations and chooses those deserving of the award. The result of the vote of the community of graduates is added as a vote to the vote of the jury.

El selection jury of Outstanding Alumni Award 2019 estuvo presided by Rector of INTEC, Rolando M. Guzmán, the Vice Chancellor for Research and Linking Víctor Gómez Valenzuela; The Academic Vice Chancellor, José Feliz Marrero; The Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Alfonso Casasnovas; in his condition as full professor, Carlos Antonio Diloné and in his condition as Past Rector Altagracia López.

In addition, they were present as Regent and Graduate of INTEC, Rosalina Perdomo, And the Director of Institutional Communication, Carmen Matos. On behalf of the Alumni Association (ADE), Eva Mars Aracena, and as a guest personality external to INTEC, the General Director of Newlink Group, Eduardo Valcárcel.

About the PED

El Outstanding Alumnus Award was servant in 2007 to recognize INTEC graduates who have performed successfully in their respective areas and whose business contributions, cultural, policies, sports and / or academic (in the field of research bibliographic production and in general the scientific creation, technology, Art o literary) have or have had a trajectory with evident social impact, showing in their performance adherence to values, justice and human solidarity, attributes that make them deserving of being qualified as an intecian pride.

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