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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

SAS and INTEC sign an agreement to promote training in careers with high labor demand

Alliance consists of the integration of academic agendas developed by SAS within various programs taught by INTEC. Both institutions seek to develop a new generation of data analytics professionals

SAS and INTEC sign an agreement to promote training in careers with high labor demand

SANTO DOMINGO. SAS, a leading analytics company, and the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) signed a academic alliance that seeks to promote the development and training of professionals with analytical and data skills in the Dominican Republic.

Through the alliance, both organizations seek to respond to the growing demand for professionals in the areas of analytics and data in the country, and have an impact on reducing the professional gap that currently exists.

When pronouncing the words of welcome of the activity, the rector of INTEC, Julio Sanchez Marinez, thanked the alliance made with SAS Institute. He said that the union will promote skills that the business sector demands in students, including data analysis, machine learning and big data. “Today's problem is the ability to analyze information and make the most of the data,” she emphasized.

Nelly Marina, SAS Senior Global Academic Program Manager Latam, commented that, in order to reach this agreement, CSI Group, partner of SAS in the Dominican Republic, promoted the approach with the authorities of the educational institution to open development opportunities to new Dominican talents, who will undoubtedly be part of the business strategies of the near future.

As a result, INTEC selected the career of Systems engineering and MSc in Data ScienceIn both, the professor in charge integrated topics developed by SAS into the syllabus (academic guide for the courses) of both programs. With this integration, students will receive 90 hours of topics related to SAS technology.

Marina commented that, for example, the labor market is demanding professionals in analytics and data. An example of this is that various SAS clients have shown interest in recruiting professionals with specific skills in Data; however, they could not find them, since there were no universities that were delivering the Digital Bagde or had programs with SAS integration in the Dominican Republic.

“SAS goes far beyond just being a provider of analytical software. With programs like the one we are developing with INTEC, what we are doing is generating comprehensive market analysis processes to really contribute to the training of professionals that companies require. We provide a solution to the market that is in need, but, at the same time, we care about giving tools to the talents that are currently in universities so that they have the skills and knowledge to handle these developments”, mentioned Marina.

The educational agreement between SAS and INTEC was signed at the beginning of October 2022. Due to this, at the end of December, the first 16 graduates will be available. Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a Digital Badge or digital certificate, which validates the different skills and knowledge acquired by students.

"For INTEC, it is essential that our students acquire international visibility through the recognition of companies such as SAS, and that they continue to obtain preferential positions in the industry with access to updated and relevant education, according to the needs demanded by the current market" , said Renato González, coordinator of the master's degree in Data Science at INTEC.

Additionally, students can continue learning with the courses of e-learning free that will remain on the platform SAS Skill Builder for Students. In addition, you are given free access to analytics software developed by SAS in a version very similar to what your customers receive.

 For his part, the president of CSI, José Manuel Infante, added that for CSI seeing young students graduate is a goal achieved. “Having had the vision of allying these efforts between SAS and INTEC benefits students, since it gives them added value for a labor market that needs their knowledge and the Dominican market is strengthened with highly qualified students. At the end of this journey it is very gratifying to be part of this process. Likewise, these alliances also allow SAS clients to have access to new talent and highly qualified collaborators in data science, data mining, and data visualization, in each of the countries in the region where SAS has signed academic agreements. , as in this case, in the Dominican Republic”.

Currently, in Latin America 5 alliances of this type have been generated; specifically one in Peru, two in Mexico, 1 in Brazil, and the current one in the Dominican Republic with INTEC. Internationally, SAS has signed 455 academic agreements around the world and in total, SAS has delivered 5425 Digital Badges.

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El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, INTEC, is a private, non-profit, public service, Dominican higher education institution founded in 1972 by a group of academics committed to the social transformation of the country and the continuous promotion of the quality of life of its inhabitants. It is characterized by innovation and the complementarity of its academic offer in the areas of Engineering, Economics and Business, Health Sciences, Basic and Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

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