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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC Science and Society Magazine has over a million downloads on Redalyc

The magazine dean of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo It is read in 81 countries worldwide and ranks in the first decile of downloads of 713 Latin American magazines indexed in Redalyc

SANTO DOMINGO. -Magazine Science and Society of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is in the first decile de downloads among a select universe of 713 Latin American magazines indexed in the Network of Scientific Journals of Latin America and the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal (Redalyc), sustained by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico.

According to statistics provided by Redalyc, since the publication has an electronic format, it has been unloaded 1,844,000 times, in a total of 81 countries. He 63% of the downloads are from Dominican Republic, a 9.1% comes from Cuba, the 7.4% de Spain, 6.5% de Mexico y 5.4% de Venezuela. A cake of 8.8% of INTEC's dean publication downloads come from the United States, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, Japan, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Puerto Rico.

The journal, currently directed by Jorge Ulloa Hung, PhD in Anthropology, receives contributions from different national and international institutions such as the University of Cienfuegos, Carlos Rafael Rodríguez, the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado and the Pontificia Universidad Catholic Mother and Teacher, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, among other higher education entities in Latin America and Europe.

Science and Society is a publication quarterly focused on social Sciences and humanities, sponsored by INTEC and published continuously since 1975. During 45 years. It has published its numbers in an interrupted way and has become a benchmark for scientific publications in the Dominican Republic.

In June 2016 it migrated all of its files and became an online magazine and a robust peer review system. Through its clear inter and multi-transdisciplinary vocation. The magazine collects the scientific production of INTEC, as well as the academic institutions of the Dominican Republic, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as research papers on these regions generated in other global academic spaces.

Ciencia y Sociedad focuses on contributions from communication or communication science, archeology and ethnography, political science and public policy, multidisciplinary links between science, technology, society and the environment, gender studies, Latin American history and literature, and Caribbean, governability and governance, sociology, culture studies, linguistics, philosophy, studies on religion, anthropology, social psychology, works on visual arts and other topics within the field of social sciences and humanities.

In addition to being indexed in Redalyc, the journal Ciencia y Sociedad is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Dialnet, REDIB, Periódica, Latindex, Clase, Iresie and Fuente Académica Premier.

Ciencia y Sociedad is one of INTEC's five academic journals focused on different areas, including Science and Health, Science and Education; Science, Economy and Business, and Science, Engineering and Applications; Science, Environment and Climate.

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