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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic needs to measure its air pollution

Georgina Espinal, professor of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), gave the talk Atmospheric Pollution, on the occasion of World Environment Day

Dominican Republic needs to measure its air pollution

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Dominican Republic does not have a systemic monitoring of air quality, although companies must submit an environmental compliance report to the Ministry of Environment, said the professor of the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), Georgina Espinal, when giving the “Atmospheric Pollution” conference.

The teacher advocated that the country has a permanent environmental monitoring, as have other cities in the region, he emphasized that the first step for the control of atmospheric pollution is the measurementWhich will help to know what quantity and what pollutants the country has.

"The most effective way to combat air pollution is to prevent the formation of pollutants or minimize emissions from the sources themselves," said the professor in the activity, which was part of INTEC 2019 Environment Week, on purpose. of the Environment Day.

The teacher explained that the control of pollutants at the source It can be achieved through changes in raw materials, In the business operations, modifying or replacing that production equipment, and / or through a more effective operation of existing equipment.

The talk was organized by the environmental group of INTEC students (INTECO) together with College life and Area of ​​Environmental Sciences, who promote campaign to combat air pollution.

Espinal identified as an anthropogenic source of pollutants motor vehicles, power plants, waste disposal, refineries, paper mills and smelters, in addition, coal and / or oil power stations and industrial boilers.

The teacher said that you can have control in three types: in the source where it originates, in the medium where it is disseminated and in the receiver of the source.

"As control of mobile sources to reduce air pollution is the Catalytic reactor placement external to the vehicles and the modification of fuels, and the reduction of gasoline vapor pressure in order to reduce the emission of hydrocarbons", Said Espinal.

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