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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

They present the first Social Security Observatory of the Dominican Republic

The body, created by INTEC, Fundacion Plenitud and five of the country's leading ARS and AFPs, will promote the efficiency, equity and quality of the social security system through the establishment of a system of key indicators to monitor

They present the first Social Security Observatory of the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO. The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) next to the Fullness Foundation, three Health Risk Managers (ARS) and two Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) announced the installation of first Social Security Observatory of the Dominican Republic, a body that will be in charge of harvest y information systematization high technical quality about him Social Security System to promote its efficiency and development.

In an activity held in the Events Room of the INTEC Health Sciences Building, the Rector of that academy, Rolando M. Guzmán, signed the agreement with Andres Mejia, Vice President and General Manager ofARS Palic; Eduardo Cruz Acosta, Executive President of First ARS; Luis Jose Jimenez, Vice President of AFP Popular; Zhaira Guadalamar, Executive Vice President of ARS Universal; Alvin Martinez Llibre, Executive Vice President of AFP Sowing y Magdalena Rathe, Executive Director of the Fullness Foundation.

The representatives of the member entities of the Observatory intervened in a panel moderated by the dean of the INTEC Business and Economy Area, Armando Barrios, in which they expressed their impressions regarding the organization. The rector of INTEC, Rolando M. GuzmánHe said that the Observatory it is expression of commitment of the university with the development of the Dominican Republic. He emphasized that the AFPs, the ARS and the Plenitud Foundation agreed with the academy where there was necesidad a space de dialogue, reflexión y proposition with a view to transformation y Mejora continuous of Social Security System.


 Andres Mejia, Vice President and General Manager of ARS Palic, said the Observatory is the beginning of something important that will mark un before and a después in the formulation, study y Insights within the System. He appreciated that the Observatory is under the umbrella of INTEC due to the high credibility of the university at a national and international level.

Luis Jose Jimenez, Vice President of AFP Popular, specified that the Observatory will be a impartial spacel to discuss the operation of the Dominican Social Security System and assess what changes it warrants. In another order, Zhaira Guadalamar, Executive Vice President of ARS Universal, highlighted that the new organization will generate research with technical rigor, academic y scientific that will allow to acquire valuable inputs for decision making and improvements in the sector.

Alvin Martinez Llibre, Executive Vice President of AFP Siembra, affirmed that it is the first time that companies in the sector are linked to an institution of the weight and trajectory of INTEC, which in his opinion he assures will be the launch of a thought center that will be able to work harmoniously with the protagonists of the sector, based on robust and technical research, to produce and sustain more and better pensions.

Likewise, Magdalena Rathe, Executive Director of the Plenitud Foundation, considered that the newly created body will contribute to pursuit al assessments both Health System like pensions. Finally, Eduardo Cruz Acosta, Executive President of Primera ARS, affirmed that it deserves the recognition of the Dominicans that a university of such prestige as INTEC dedicates energy and time to partner with the ARS and the AFPs to achieve an Observatory of this nature in which they can to line up that interests of the actores that intervene in the Social security.

About the Social Security Observatory of the Dominican Republic


El Observatory will be a center of thought attached to the values ​​of objectivity y scientific rigor and also to improve la protección of the población both in terms of health and pensions. Thus, will serve to society and national productive sector with affirmation of pluralism in ideological, political and religious matters, exercised within a framework of nonpartisanism, tolerance and respect for freedom of investigation, expression and critical insertion of their work in the Dominican reality.

In this sense, a Board of Directors will constitute the highest governing body of the Observatory, and will be made up of the rector of INTEC and the presidents of the participating ARS and AFPs or by the executives they designate. Additionally, the Observatory will have an Expanded Consultative Committee, with the presence of other actors in the sector, such as the Ministry of Health, the Superintendencies of Health and Pensions, the National Health Insurance and other institutions related to this initiative.

El body will operate from the INTEC, which will be in charge of coordinating the entity's management work, in addition to the projection and good performance in compliance with its strategic guidelines and work plans. It will be the responsibility of the university, with the support of the Fullness Foundation, elaboration de studies, workshops, Insights y activities that lead to a better understanding of the social security system, the monitoring of its performance and the creation of spaces for dialogue to achieve consensus on fundamental issues of the country's social protection system.

The participating ARS and AFPs must provide the Observatory with access to relevant information, data and statistics, concerning its framework of action, so that it can become a primary information generator capable of processing and analyzing data from ministries, directorates and State dependencies.

 The activity was attended by the newly appointed Minister of Labor, Wiston Santos; the Superintendent of Health and Occupational Risks, Pedro Luis Castellanos; the vice-rectors of INTEC, Victor Gómez-Valenzuela, of Research and Liaison; and Alfonso Casasnovas, from Administration and Finance; as well as union representatives Rafael –Pepe- Abreu and Gabriel del Río, among others.

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