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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

New graduates of specialties in Ophthalmology

INTEC and the Christian Center for Medical Services (CCSM) delivered titles to new specialists in Ophthalmology and Glaucoma from four countries

New graduates of specialties in Ophthalmology

SANTO DOMINGO. The Medical Residency program in Ophthalmology that develops the Christian Medical Services Center (CCSM) and Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) graduated five new graduates of the specialties in ophthalmology and glaucoma.

The award ceremony, which was held in the Julo Ravelo de la Fuente Room, was headed by the president of the CCSM Board of Directors, William T. Hunter; Juan F. Batlle, Head of Residence in Ophthalmology and by the Dean of the Area of ​​Health Sciences of INTEC, Raymundo Jiménez.

Drs. Esteban Francisco Brenes Barrantes, from Costa Rica, received his specialty degrees in Ophthalmology; José Thomas De La Mota Sánchez, from Spain and Adelisant Mariví Martínez Alemán and Daniel Acasio Mesa Roselló, from the Dominican Republic. Of the specialty in Glaucoma, they delivered Nellie Grace Olivo Marte, from the United States.

"I swear before this academic community before the Dominican society that I will orient my professional activities in ways that suit the interests of our people, according to the principles and values ​​that underlie the work of INTEC," the graduates swore.

With the new specialists the graduates of the joint program have more graduates from 70, which was initiated through a collaboration agreement signed by both institutions in the 2008 year. The specialists that have been trained through the program are mostly nationals and others who come from countries such as India, the United States, Russia, Armenia, France, Mexico and Peru, among others.

The Christian Center for Medical Services Hospital Doctor Elías Santana is a non-profit institution that provides ophthalmological services to low-income people. Its founders William Hunter, current president, and Janice Hunter, general director, joined forces with Juan Francisco Batlle, Head of the Ophthalmology service, to start what is still known today as “the Hospital of the Americans”, located in the Los Alcarrizos sector. 

The program has the university endorsement of the INTEC from 2008 and its coordination team is integrated by the admissions, student services and registration of the INTEC; the Academic Vice-Chancellorship and the Health Sciences Area.

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