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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

MESCYT inaugurates the Seventh Student Congress of Scientific and Technological Research

During the event, 149 research works carried out by students from 17 universities in the country and 4 foreign ones will be presented; the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is the venue for this edition

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) inaugurated this Wednesday, September 14, the seventh Student Congress of Scientific and Technological Research (CEICYT-2022), with the presentation of 149 research papers made by students of 17 local universities y four foreigners de Colombia, Cuba, Chile y Ecuador.

The event, which this year has its headquarters in the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), takes place from September 14 to 15, in the hybrid modality, with the main goal of promoting a culture of research and innovation, serving as a forum to spread the creativity and talent of students.

The activity is organized by the Vice Ministry of Science and Technology, in collaboration with the universities INTEC, UASD, UAPA, UNAPEC, UNPHU, UNEV, UNICARIBE, UFHEC, PUCMM and the Research Network of the Dominican Association of University Rectors (RIADRU). .

As part of the program, hard science papers will be presented such as; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Neuroscience, Econophysics, Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Agrifood and Forest Sciences, Environment, Biotechnology, and Veterinary. In addition to engineering in Technology and Architecture.

Likewise, there will be research in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Software and Application Development, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Mechatronics, Robotics, Bioengineering, Renewable Energy, Industrial Processes and Manufacturing. 

While, in Health Sciences, studies will be presented in the areas of Medicine, Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Scientific Education and Mathematics Education, with an emphasis on the use of ICT (digital platforms in general) to promote learning. 

During the opening ceremony, Julio Sánchez Maríñez, rector of INTEC, celebrated the number of works that will be presented by the students. “All these young people are contributing to form a new society in which science, technology, research and training of excellence become a reality. The advances of the country in the last decades are significant in this sense”. 

In turn, he expressed his concern about the need to strengthen the relationship between academic curricula and rigorous research through the inclusion of content that promotes this process.

Genaro Rodríguez Martínez, Vice Minister of Science and Technology of the MESCyT, recognized the work of the organizing committee of CEICYT 2022 and agreed with the concerns expressed by the rector of INTEC.

"It is important to point out the challenge that the Dominican Republic's higher education, science and technology system has at the national level, and especially for those of us in government: it is precisely to achieve that articulation between curriculum and research," he said. after greeting the students, whom he considers the engine for the activity to take place every year. 

The event also featured the participation of Pamela Michel Acosta, a professor at the Universidad del Caribe and a doctoral student in Environmental Sciences at INTEC, who spoke about emerging technologies and their application in environmental education based on her doctoral thesis "Extended reality ( virtual and augmented) for training in Climate Change and Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management”.

For CEICYT 2022, 179 summaries of research projects were received, of which 149 were approved. Prior to the event, a poster design contest is held among university students in which the student Kaxelis Yasmín Pérez, from INTEC, won first place .

The Student Congress of Scientific and Technological Research (CEICYT) began in 2016 as an initiative of the Vice Ministry of Science and Technology, of the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology (MESCYT), in collaboration with different local Higher Education Institutions, which make up the Organizing Committee.

The CEICYT is a space to publicize the research initiatives of university students at the undergraduate level, in the scientific and technological areas. For two years, it has had the participation of invited students from more than five nationalities, including Cuba, Panama, Puerto Rico and the United States.

Since its foundation, a total of 525 jobs of research in the different areas of knowledge, of which, around 50 jobs received awards and recognitions with honorable mentions, being represented by more than 26 institutions of national higher education.

You can consult the complete program of the event on its website:

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