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The students have been heard

As part of the design of the Institutional Strategic Plan 2022, the students were invited to present their ideas on the aspects that they consider relevant that the document contemplates and the good practices that should be reinforced

The students have been heard

ANTO DOMINGO.- It was the November 8 Wednesday, the clock marked the 6: 30 in the afternoon when the Economy student Manuel Méndez, who represents his colleagues before the Strategic Committee responsible for defining the analysis and decision-making methodology of the Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2022, gave the words of welcome to the students who gathered at the First Student Forum.

With the commitment of be honest y do not self-censor, the students of the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC) they had a frank conversation y open with Alfredo Vicioso, Director of Planning and Quality of the university, and Armando Barrios, Director of the Center for Governance and Social Management.

"You are the center of this new Strategic Plan, we hope that for you to be in INTEC is a life experience," said Vicioso, who explained that what is sought is to add value to the academic training of future professionals.

AlfredoVicioso ArmandoBarrios

The call is part of the consultations that are organized in the university with a view to the design of the 2022 Strategic Plan, which has also included calls for consultation with professors, employees, graduates, authorities, experts in national and foreign higher education, among other personalities, so that the strategy is as participatory as possible.

Student contributions

The first to break the ice was the master's student Miguel Peña. "I recommend that, as INTEC it's an excellent university, it replica to provinces, especially Bonao and La Vega, because we need a higher quality education in those places. You have a golden opportunity to insert yourself there, "he said.

When referring to the subject, the engineer Alfredo Vicioso pointed out that one of the goals foreseen in the Strategic plan is expansion, to which Dr. Barrios added that there is an axis related to virtualization, which is considered to be in the format of virtual classroom de various subjects so that there is the possibility of students from the provinces and even foreigners entering the INTEC, if they meet the entrance requirements of the university.

Medical Students recommended that a monitoring system in which the students with greater mastery of some subjects can accompany your companions in the overcoming of some weaknesses that prevent them from fulfilling the requirements of those subjects.

Student Forum2

El Student Committee on Software Engineering, Systems and Cybersecurity (CEISS) sent a representative who spoke for all. Their contributions to the new Strategic Plan related the need to offer students more information according to the participation in the student committees so that these are seen as a contribution to the career they are taking and not as a heavy burden; that students and professors be notified about possible changes in the subjects and that the students of that career be linked more closely with companies in the area to improve the practical aspects.

For the students of Area of ​​Economy and Business a student of the Accounting career took the floor and demanded more practical subjects that they face the reality they will have to face when looking for jobs. He valued the internship programs, but insisted that it is necessary to encourage the practice at all times.

Ana Leonor Castillo Ramírez, student of the Bachelor of Educationrecommended the establishment of a methodology in the Strategic Plan teaching based on the competencies approach, to ensure that the student is evaluated throughout his term based on his performance in classes and not exams.

Buenas noticias

Alfredo Vicioso, director of Planning and Quality, mentioned within the improvements that INTEC will implement to impact the stay of the student in the university. aperture a foodcourt building a building de Engineering that will have among its attractions a gym y multipurpose court. In addition, next year students will be able to download a mobile app available for Android and IOS that will allow them to pay the registration, request record of notes and other services.

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