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Johnny Ventura will design two solid waste transfer stations

Students of Social Communication and Digital Media of INTEC interviewed the candidate for mayor of the National District, who pondered that its main axis is citizen security

SANTO DOMINGO. -Johnny Ventura, candidate for mayor of the National District by the Christian Social Reform Party (PRSC), will design two solid waste transfer and treatment stations that will speed up the transfer of waste from half of the citizens residing in the capital.

“The proposal of us starts with a problem that people have, very close garbage. That is why we will design two transfer stations to speed up the garbage of half the people, and bring it to a nearby place from where we begin the recycling process, ”said Ventura.

During an interview conducted by students of the degree in Social Communication and Digital Media of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), the candidate said that because the Dominicans still lack a culture of recycling in their homes, in the first instance the garbage will be classified in these collection centers.

The interview with Ventura was part of the series “Meetings in Radio INTEC: Road to the Mayor's Office of the National District”, which took place during this week where Domingo Contreras, Carolina Mejía and Bartolomé Pujals also participated. All were broadcast live on the university's educational station, with access from: and also through the INTEC YouTube channel: @INTECrd.

The mayoral candidate for the PRSC pondered that “we have to reach children and youth first, who will take care of educating their parents, but this takes a while and that's why we decided to do it in reverse, pick up the garbage, recycle and do the education campaign ”.

In addition, Ventura indicated that his main concern is the life of citizens. "Citizen security is our main axis and that is why we will create the municipal security committees that will be composed of councilors and personalities of national life, to form that council that will be replicated in different sectors."

He explained that a proposal of the communicator Hony Estrella, who accompanies him in his candidacy as vice mayor, will be the installation of two shelters for battered women that will have psychologists and psychiatrists, will also be set to teach them to be self-sufficient. In addition, it will create vocational technical schools and thereby boost their professional training.

To solve the problem of transport and transit, the candidate for the PRSC and the People's Force said that he will create joint agreements that will allow joint decisions with the mayors of the Santo Domingo Este and Oeste provinces, from where greater flow of vehicles enter to the National District.

"We proposed a commonwealth agreement because, although the mayorships are handled differently, there is an interdependence through the amount of vehicle flow entering the city and there must be shared responsibility and the measures have to be agreed upon."

To decongest the central polygon, Ventura also proposes redirect the streets, increase the lanes of the bridges that give entry to the city at certain times of the day, encourage private sector to invest in parking and install a light rail.

"For the mass transportation, from kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway with route to the Malecon and ending at the National Aquarium, we are proposing a light rail with a capacity of 1,500 people every 15 minutes, ”said Ventura.

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