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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC and Proindustria will seek solutions to problems in Mipymes

The university and the Ministry will identify solution projects together with researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators, promoting the integration of academia with local industry.

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the Center for Development and Industrial Competitiveness (Proindustry), signed a inter-institutional collaboration agreement to identify problems that face micro, small and medium enterprises, and offer interdisciplinary solutions.

The agreement signed by Julio Sanchez Marinez, president of INTEC, and Ulysses Rodriguez, executive director of Proindustria, has the purpose of promoting mutual collaboration through the technical assistance, knowledge transfer and training, recognizing the value of innovation, and the impact it has on the economy by promoting new jobs, and added value to the socioeconomic and technological development of industries, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), and society in general.

This mutual collaboration establishes the bases for carrying out academic, research and training activities, jointly stimulating the transfer of knowledge, innovation and technological development of the manufacturing industry, through the development of industrial design programs, utility models and inventions.

“Companies that want to locate in the Dominican Republic ask about the human capital they have. INTEC graduates in engineering, in our 50 years, represent an important percentage in the CODIA enrollment, if a university has produced high-level technologists in the country, it is INTEC, if in the industry the human capital of high-level technologists and engineers It is fundamental, INTEC is a first-class actor”, said Sánchez Maríñez during his speech prior to the signing of the agreement.

Similarly, Sánchez Maríñez indicated: "At INTEC we have the dream of participating with the free zone industry and with the local industry in innovation and development projects, we dream of an Innovation Center in a park in the Dominican Republic, an idea aligned to the government program of the presidency, to the Innovation plan and to Proindustria's desire to lead that industrial development Count on INTEC to achieve the development that Proindustria intends to promote, count on INTEC, with the ability to train engineers, technologists and high-level administrators level, human capital and also for innovation and development projects, which, protected by the national innovation policy, could lead to innovation centers in other sectors of the industry”.

Likewise, Ulysses Rodriguez, director of Proindustria, indicated that academic institutions have the role of reacting and responding to a current market need and that preparation and training are necessary to improve competitiveness. “INTEC, with its history, is an avant-garde institution in terms of teaching and technical training, responding to training needs to compete with knowledge and innovation. INTEC has a complete preparation in innovation and proof of this was how in the midst of a difficult situation such as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, you pulled out an invention like that of the Air-INTEC fans so necessary at that time. time," the official said.

 points of agreement

The terms of the agreement seek to carry out joint actions, with the aim of linking INTEC student inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs, with the local manufacturing industry associated with PROINDUSTRIA, in order to promote the identification of problems faced by Mipymes, and offer solutions through their projects; and in the same way to detect possible applications that would be useful in the industry of patented products and procedures.  

In the document, signed in an act held at the INTEC Social Security Auditorium, the signing institutions undertook to socialize technology and innovations for the development of new opportunities for the industry.

Annual conference

The agreement establishes the holding of an annual Proindustria Master Conference dedicated to exploring the latest trends and research on industrial topics of interest.

This union of the academy with the government sector seeks to promote and encourage the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, providing tools and training to the university community, through the Directorate of Support Services for Industry, to respond to the needs of the society.

In addition, create spaces for dialogue that allow public and private actors to converge to address issues of national interest in terms of competitiveness, industrial development and applied research. Also, training in industrial property oriented to product research and development, training in auditing, searching for patent information, and freedom of operations in intellectual property.

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