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INTEC and GBM Dominicana create academy for digital transformation

The entities will carry out academic and research activities in areas of information technology, especially in Software, System and Cybersecurity

INTEC and GBM Dominicana create academy for digital transformation

Santo Domingo. -He Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the technology company GBM announced the creation of the GMB Academy, which includes training students from all faculties in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, technical skills in different areas and the implementation of virtual laboratories.   

Through a collaboration agreement, the entities contemplate the conducting academic activities and research in the field of information technology, as well as the granting of scholarships and work internships, which allow term students and graduates of INTEC, of ​​information technology careers such as Software, Systems and Cybersecurity, to apply to existing programs in the GMB company.

During the activity, Julio Sánchez Maríñez, rector of INTEC, said that the university has always defined it as an academically independent institution, but constructively associated. Therefore, he stressed that this alliance is of the utmost importance because INTEC seeks to be considered a reference partner of the national and international productive sectors, the government sector and organized civil society.

"In particular, this agreement reinforces areas in which INTEC has developed leadership in training, such as information technology, software development and cybersecurity," said Sánchez Maríñez, while thanking the executives of GBM for joining INTEC.

Acdemia GBM

In addition, he highlighted that for a long time higher education institutions have made an effort and work with virtuality and the use of digital instruments, and a positive lesson that the pandemic has left is the recognition that, to appeal to digital media more Intense and determined in all areas, it is essential to move forward in crisis and normal situations.

On his side, Marcial Suárez, General Manager Software of GBM Corporación, pointed out that the region is called to be a key scenario for the creation, digital advances and innovation, opening new spaces for labor inclusion.

"Supporting the development of talent to face these new challenges is a responsibility not only of the academic sector, but also of private companies and, of course, of the government itself," said Suárez, who also highlighted that this agreement allows students to be exposed and teachers to emerging technologies.

Meanwhile, Vivian Alexandra Dueñas, manager of the Global University Program, highlighted the importance of this alliance, which means the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. 

About the deal

The agreement establishes that both INTEC and GBM will carry out a literacy program for digital inclusion, aimed at high school levels and sectors in need of training in the different programs.

It also highlights that university teachers will be able to have access to the IBM Academic Initiative program and the IBM Cloud, where they will be able to access didactic material such as laboratories, presentations, courses and technical guides to be included in computer science majors.

The IBM Academic Initiative program will provide teachers and students with access to the latest open source technologies and software, hardware, course materials, training, technical support, to the IBM Builder Program, a platform for digital entrepreneurs. , among other IBM resources.

INTEC is the first university in the Dominican Republic, and among the first in the region, to have Cybersecurity programs, at the undergraduate, postgraduate and permanent education levels.

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