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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC and Banco Santa Cruz will carry out academic activities and research

After signing an agreement, the entities will establish an internship program for students and graduates of INTEC, scholarship programs and facilitation of technical talks by employees of Banco Santa Cruz

INTEC and Banco Santa Cruz will carry out academic activities and research

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the Santa Cruz Bank (BSC) signed a Collaboration agreement in which both entities commit to encourage academic activities, teachers, training, dissemination of culture and extension of services.

In addition, the agreement has as its purpose generate joint investigations, formation programs, publication of professional vacancies in the INTEC employment exchange, realization of days of attraction of talent (job fairs and mass evaluation of candidates) at INTEC facilities for its students and graduates, as well as facilitation of technical talks by employees of Banco Santa Cruz.

The collaboration agreement was signed by Fausto Pimentel, executive president of the BSC, and by Rolando M. Guzmán, rector of INTEC.

The rector of INTEC stressed that it is a source of satisfaction to receive the executives of the BSC for the formalization of the agreement, which arose with the visit of Rafael Jiminián, executive vice president of business of the BSC, and at that time the existence of Collaboration opportunities to strengthen entities.

“It is no coincidence that for INTEC, 2019 is the year of the link with the business, government and social sectors, and therefore we welcome every opportunity to honor that commitment and this time we are doing it with an entity with which We are very appreciative, ”said Guzman.

On his side, the executive president of the BSC emphasized his satisfaction of sign an alliance with a high house of studies which seeks the personal and professional development of young people, and at the same time stressed that the financial intermediation institution he directs is young, so it is motivating to have a source of knowledge that nourishes them with new energies.

“Banco Santa Cruz is an institution that maintains an important growth rate that needs the talent, knowledge and a dynamic of innovation and entrepreneurship that is born in this study center, so I think that this signature of agreement will be a win-win relationship. win ”, pondered Pimentel.

Ailin Lockward, Director of Institutional Relations of INTEC, considered that the agreement is extremely timely at Bank dynamization in digital matters, which represents an opportunity for internships and job placement of students and graduates of the Economics, Software Engineering and Marketing careers.

In that sense, Maripily Peralta, vice president of Collaborative Experience of the BSC, stressed that this financial institution is interested in having cooperation from INTEC in the internal development part, granting academic support to the different training programs that, through the Center of Excellence, They offer their talents.

While, Happy Jose, INTEC Academic Vice Chancellor said the university opened dialogue spaces, through their Advisory Committees, to strengthen the link between the company and the university and vice versa. In that order, Victor Gómez-Valenzuela, Vice Chancellor for Research and Linking, said that through the SME INTEC Center there is an incredible opportunity for technical collaboration in the area of ​​digital transformation, financial inclusion, new business and advice to small and medium enterprises.

“INTEC is a university focused on the topic of innovation, new products and service development, and there we have an opportunity through what we do at the SME Center and in continuing education programs,” said Gomez-Valenzuela.

The event was attended by Banco Santa Cruz, Rafael Jiminián, Executive Vice President of Business; Armand Toonen, Vice President of Business Development, Ingrid Debes, VP of Communications and Public Relations and Maribel Concepción, VP Comprehensive Risk Management. Meanwhile, Mónica Mejía, coordinator of the Office of Relations with Graduates, and Adolfo Julián, in charge of Internships, met by INTEC.

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