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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC and Altice will train teachers in the development of technology and digital content

The entities signed a cooperation agreement with the objective of strengthening the competences of teachers of the national education system in the areas of computer science and digital content

INTEC and Altice will train teachers in the development of technology and digital content

SANTO DOMINGO. - The Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC), (INTEC) and the company Altice will train a teachers of the Dominican educational system in the technology development, hardware, software, mobile apps y digital content. This is established by a educational cooperation agreement signed between both entities. To achieve this, they contemplate carrying out a training program, developed jointly by INTEC and Altice.

In the document, signed by the rector of the university, Rolando M. Guzmán, and the president of the telephone, Martin Ross, in the administrative tower of Altice, the telephone company undertakes to provide wireless modems for the exclusive use of teachers and / or students of Education who participate in the digital training program that will have a duration of one year.

The company will also supply a mobile application ( APP) to be used in the training of teachers and / or students of Education to participate in the training workshops; will also give support through its entrepreneurship program StartLab, for him development of educational content y technological solutions.

In addition, it will facilitate the participation of StartLab experts as advisors and / or members of the jury in competitions held by INTEC related to innovation, entrepreneurship and / or development of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

INTEC's responsibilities will be to facilitate and coordinate the training of teachers of the public sector, by experts from Altice and / or INTEC. It will allow the use of its facilities for the training of teachers and for activities that promote innovation, entrepreneurship and the development of ICT; facilitate the participation of experts to serve as trainers and advisers in activities of the StartLab entrepreneurship program, such as in "Boot camps".

It will spread among the university community: students, teachers, graduates and staff, information about the StartLab entrepreneurship program and other initiatives of interest, related to the object of the agreement. Likewise, it will develop, together with Altice, the training programs and dates of execution, while allowing the use of the adequate facilities or spaces in its schools, in which the training programs can be imparted.

Together, both entities will elaborate support material or necessary manuals within the framework of some of the initiatives and will promote la participation active of girls, women y poor people in development programs of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

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