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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC headquarters of the summer-autumn courses of the University of Extremadura

It is the first time in history that the University of Extremadura teaches a summer course outside its campus

SANTO DOMINGO. - He Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) through its Climate Change and Resilience Observatory, was the venue for the twenty-third edition of the summer-autumn courses at the University of Extremadura, the first to be developed outside of Spain in coordination with a foreign university.

The course entitled “Biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate change in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean” developed from June 20 to 22, 2022, bringing together a large group of professors and experts on these issues who will speak and share the results of their research and new lines of work with the common goal of disseminating updated concepts that serve as a basis for the design and development of public policies.

"We thank the University of Extremadura for this initiative, it is a subject of which we know its importance, the challenges we have in terms of biodiversity and climate change, and of course the contribution that ecosystem services can make in that direction" , said Armando Barrios, vice-rector for Research and Linkage of INTEC, during the opening ceremony of the course.

Also, the vice-rector of the University of Extremadura, doctor Agustín Lara expressed his gratitude for the alliance between INTEC and the University of Extremadura and delivered a plaque to the INTEC vice-rector for research.

The event had several sessions in which panelists from the Ibero-American region participated in person and virtually. The first day featured two work and discussion tables, the first on "Assessment of the Economic Impact of Climate Risk" in which papers were presented in Spain, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. The second table on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Ecosystem Services, in which the students of the first cohort of INTEC's doctoral program in Environmental Sciences presented their research work.

The second day began with the discussion table entitled "Ecosystemic Services in urban and rural contexts" in which work carried out by INTEC in both contexts was presented. Case studies of innovative initiatives carried out in the Caribbean islands, Chile and Costa Rica were also presented. During the afternoon, a field visit was made to the National Botanical Garden, in which the course participants learned about the botanical research works and the collections of that entity.

On the third day of the course, various case studies from Latin America and the Caribbean were presented, including regional studies, from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica.

More than 50 participants from 12 Latin American countries participated in the course in person and virtually. It was broadcast online through the YouTube Channel of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo thus becoming the first of those developed within the framework of the International Summer Campus of the University of Extremadura. The course was organized by Dr. Estheban Otto Thomasz from the University of Extremadura and Dr. Solhanlle Bonilla Duarte from INTEC.

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