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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC pays posthumous tribute to Miguel Gil Mejía

The renowned Civil Engineer died last Friday after suffering health problems for several weeks

INTEC pays posthumous tribute to Miguel Gil Mejía

SANTO DOMINGO. The authorities of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) paid tribute to the civil engineer Miguel Gil Mejía, vice president of his Board of Regents, who died last Friday after suffering health problems.

His remains were veiled at the Blandino funeral home, where the INTEC authorities held an honor guard composed of the president of the Junta de Regentes, Mary Fernández; the Rector, Rolando M. Guzmán, and the past presidents Claudia De Los Santos and Fabiola Medina.

The members of the organization Jordi Portet, Luis Henry Molina and Mercedes Hernández, as well as the Academic Vice Chancellors, José Féliz and Administration and Finance, Alfonso Casasnovas, participated in the tribute.

After the activities of funeral honors, his remains were buried in the Puerta del Cielo Cemetery.

A path that left traces 

Civil Engineer and with a Masters degree from the Technological Institute and Higher Education of Monterrey, Mexico, in whose Computer Center he acquired his first knowledge and developed experience in the use of the then emerging electronic computers in engineering, in the administration for four years. academic and in the industry in general.

He is the first General Manager and Executive Vice President and organizer of UNIPAGO, a private company owned by the AFPs and the ARS, established as a Processing Company of the Data Base of the Dominican Social Security System according to the 87-01 Law.

He participated for several months as a consultant and consultant to the ARS and the AFPs of the country. He served as Executive Vice President-General Manager of ATH Dominicana.

He was Vice President of Computing and Operations of the Banco del Comercio Dominicano and top of the internal structure of the bank that organized and launched his project of credit and debit cards as well as several avant-garde electronic financial products.

Propeller of the use of computers as a teaching tool and co-participant in the organization of Systems Engineering careers at several Dominican universities.

He was a university professor for more than 30 years, former dean of Engineering of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), founding director of his Computer Center, former professor and former director of the INTEC Systems Engineering career and of the Technological Institute and of Superior Studies of Monterrey, Mexico.

Advisor and founding member of the IT Committee of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), with responsibility in the organization and management of the electoral processes of 1996 and 1998 during the presidency of Dr. César Estrella Sadhalá.

Engineer Gil Mejía took office at the beginning of last September as vice president of the Board of Regents of the university.


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