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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC recognizes the work of 22 collaborators

In an activity charged with emotion, the academy awarded the delivery and permanence of its collaborators, as well as its commitment to the construction of a university that is synonymous with excellence in the country.

INTEC recognizes the work of 22 collaborators

SANTO DOMINGO. -The magic that transmits the theater was thread of tenth installment of Outstanding Contributor Award in which Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) prize the service, commitment and proactivity of 12 their collaborators both of the academic areas as administrative and recognized 10 its permanence In the institution.

It was 360 Scenario, the chosen place to celebrate a event loaded with emotional, where the laughs and tears appeared on the faces of those present, invaded by the joy. The first to express his emotion was the rector, Rolando M. Guzmán: "I do not stop express with all sincerity my pride for being part of the Intecian community. It is really a great honor belong to a group and with a clear vision de future, an exceptional tradition of discipline sense de community that has no equal, and above all with a desire, in my opinion incomparable, of put all his talent al the service of Dominican society".


Featured contributors

El Outstanding Contributor Award recognized in three categories: the service, commitment y proactivity who, during the past year, showed a outstanding workpositive attitude y passionate service that impacted on the success of INTEC and, in addition, demonstrated commitment to its mission, vision y nutritional.

At the 2018 awards ceremony, a jinterdepartmental uration he chose 10 between 16 nominated through a selection system that coordinates the Directorate of People Management, based on the individual performance, through the results of the annual evaluation, the indices of organizational climate and at student satisfaction, and the results of the assessment of internal customers.

As a result of this dynamic, category Service the recognized ones were Nylenis Nina, Academic Coordinator of Degree Level of the Engineering Area with the golden bee y Graciela Perez, in charge of Evaluation and Monitoring of Directorate of Teacher Development with the silver bee. Carmen Sarita, administrative assistant of the Rectory y Aneurys Pérez, auxiliary photocopying of PRINTEC, were distinguished with a special mention.


In the Commitment category coordinator of Treasury Department, Rosario Liz, got golden bee; Gracham Rodríguez, coordinator of International School of Languages He received silver bee y Koraima Mancebo, coordinator de Compensation and Services of Directorate of People Management He received a special mention.

Meanwhile, in the category Proactivity la golden bee fell on Jeannette Haché, coordinator of the Specialized Units of the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance; As long as Maria Luisa Ferrand, Coordinator of the Institutional Mobility Unit, got silver bee y Darnely Caraballo, statistics coordinator of the Directorate of Teacher Development, He received special mention.

Outstanding leaders

ArturodelVillar LeonisGerman

El Dean of the Engineering Area, Arturo del Villarand Leonidas Germán, Director of Profesoral Development they were recognized as prominent leaders, for the results in the 2017 annual individual performance evaluation, the fulfillment of the operational indicators of their area, the satisfaction of students and internal clients with the service in their area, as well as their contributions to the institution during the evaluated period.


In one of the moments more emotional of the act, the doyenne of Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, Carmen Leticia Mendoza GómezWas recognized with the gold pin with diamonds for their 40 years. de uninterrupted work in the hive, which started in 1978 when she was hired by the university as teacher by subject, to then become full professor, n charge of laboratory, coordinator, dean attached y currently dean.

With a standing ovation from the audience, the teacher affirmed “I came to INTEC to teach chemistry, but I feel that in all this time I have learned more about teamwork and from the ccommitment to a vision, which is what I have taught ”. After receiving the pin that recognizes his career, Mendoza pointed out that he was lucky to have the financial and the collaboration all Beehive, especially from its academic area.

The silver pins by 10 years. de continuous work they were placed at Administrative Assistant of Registration department, Aneurys de la Cruz; to the Assistant of Administrative Services of the Records and Services Management Unit, Cruxito Valdez; to the head of the football team, Ecker Sanchez; to the Master's coordinator en Management Engineering, Enrique Munoz; to the bedeles Francisco Sánchez y Pedro Reyes; to the coordinator of Specialized Units of Vice-rectory for Administration and Finance, Jeannette Haché; to executive director of the People Management Department, Yolanda Salazar; and to Information Technology Laboratory Assistant, William Sanchez.

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