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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC recognizes three outstanding researchers

At the award ceremony, the academic contributions of doctoral students Félix Santos, Deyslen Mariano and Ulises Jauregui were highlighted, an act that concluded the third Science Week

INTEC recognizes three outstanding researchers

SANTO DOMINGO- The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) distinguished the work of academics and scientists through award for outstanding researchers of the year 2021, carried out within the framework of the 50th anniversary and the third Science Week of the university.

He got first place DEyslen Mariano Hernández, doctoral student in Energy Management for Sustainable Development y full professor of the INTEC Engineering Area. Félix Santos, coordinator of the PhD in Energy Management for Sustainable Development y research professor of the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, was the winner of the second place, while the third position was awarded to Ulises Jauregui, coordinator of the PhD in Environmental Sciences and also of the INTEC Interdisciplinary Research Group on Sargasso.

For the selection of outstanding researchers, the Committee for the Recognition of the Scientific Production of INTEC Researchers recovered 37 articles and four conference documents published in 2021, from the ten highest-performing authors out of a total of 29 who declared affiliation. to the University.

The articles corresponding to authors or co-authors of INTEC professors were considered according to evaluation indicators associated with the number of publications indexed by quartiles in the databases of scientific articles. scopus y WoS. Likewise, a formula was used to calculate the results obtained.

During the recognition ceremony, Armando Barrios, Vice Chancellor for Research and Liaison, He thanked the participation of all those who contributed to the realization of Science Week, including career coordinators, teachers, administrative staff and students from the different Academic Areas.

Featured researchers

He was accompanied to the event Arturo Del Villar, academic vice-rector and the special guest Julieta Haidar, PhD in Political Science from the National School of Anthropology and History, Mexico, who addressed Science and Transdisciplinarity during Science Week.

The prizes were delivered by the doctors Carlos Sanlley, Director of Research y Manuel Madé, Coordinator of Management and Scientific Diffusion of INTEC.

The third Science Week was held from November 7-10. Its central themes were environmental Sciences, la transdisciplinarity and the future of work; topics that connect with the technological advances of recent years, including artificial intelligence and the use of 3D and 4D environments.

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