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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC will hold a seminar-workshop to support the development of competitiveness

The workshop "Research and Development and Innovation, under the standard UNE 16602: 2014" will be carried out in partnership with the Spanish Agency of Standards - AENOR, and will be taught by the Spanish specialist Ana Martínez next July

INTEC will hold a seminar-workshop to support the development of competitiveness

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), through its Directorate of Permanent Education, will hold the workshop seminar "Research and Development and Innovation, under the UNE 16602 standard: 2014", As part of the initiatives and programs of the university oriented to strengthen innovation capacities y transformation of productive processes.

This seminar-workshop is focused on executives from different industries and sectors to learn to use one of the most relevant methodologies at present to produce innovations.

"Although innovation is associated with the implementation of very creative processes, there are specific patterns, parameters and procedures that facilitate their systematization and that are of marked importance for those who manage products, processes and services," said Carlos Reyes, director of Education Permanent of INTEC.

For Reyes, the great innovations are not usually accidental processes, but rather the result of analytical methodologies very well thought out and structured.

Some of the benefits when participating in the workshop are: know the potential of the techniques and tools R & D + i, by means of one methodology learning by doing; build a set balanced indicators that optimize and permanently improve the capacity for innovation, strategies and objectives, and obtain the Knowledge for reporting under the UNE standard: 16602: 2014.

The executives of the areas of senior management, marketing, operations, production, manufacturing, planning, strategic, as well as consultants and interested advisors, among other profiles, will know one of the most robust existing standards for the implementation of R & D & I systems .

The workshop will be taught by the Spanish specialist Ana Martínez and will last 16 hours, distributed in two days of eight hours each. You can get more information and details through email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

About Ana Martínez

Expert in innovation and Business Developer at AENOR. Graduated in Science and Technology from the University of Saragoza, Spain, with an MBA and a master's degree in Business Management and Marketing.

She has more than 15 experience as an entrepreneur in the first person, a trainer and consultant in entrepreneurship, strategy and innovation aimed at companies, both Spanish and international, with experience in Latin American countries. Its activity in these countries has allowed it to acquire special sensitivity towards the needs and priorities of the various countries in the field of competitiveness and business innovation.

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