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INTEC publishes book on the foundations of advanced mathematics

Authorship of Dr. Rene Piedra, the work is aimed at teachers of Middle and Higher education and students of mathematics in general.

INTEC publishes book on the foundations of advanced mathematics Cover of the book "Fundamentals of advanced mathematics".

Santo Domingo. In order to rescue the value and importance of the mathematical base in Dominican development, the Editorial Seal of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) recently published the book "Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics", authored by doctor and teacher Rene Piedra.

The work aims to fill the gap in the literature of mathematical sciences in the Dominican Republic and other Spanish-speaking countries, through the analysis of special elements of the fundamentals of the same, especially those that focus on the stimulation of rational thinking and abstract, hypothetical deductive reasoning and the theory of the formation of numerical sets in language.

In the context, the author uses a simple language, without excessive formalism allowing an easier understanding to the reader. It can be used as a reference in training courses for teachers and professors at various levels, as well as for the training of various professional profiles, and can be useful for experts in the area of ​​science and technology.

"To be able to take advantage of mathematics in the best way, it is necessary to know that it must be based on primary concepts, such as language itself, which is the material form of abstract thought," the author specifies in the introduction of the book, which also highlights that the first thing that must be emphasized is that to understand or do mathematical demonstrations, it is essential to learn a new language and a new way of reasoning.

"Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics" is aimed at Middle and High School teachers and students of mathematics in general.
The launch took place in the Julio Ravelo de la Fuente Hall, of the INTEC Library, and was attended by authorities, teachers, managers and the general public.

About the Author
Rene Piedra, born in Havana, Cuba and nationalized Dominican in 1998, is a graduate of Pure Mathematics at the University of his hometown. He has done several postgraduate studies and has a Masters in Mathematics and a PhD in Physics and Mathematics.

He has been a professor in Cuba, and since his arrival in the Dominican Republic, at 1993, until May of the 1997 he served as a teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), an entity in which he also stood out as director of the Department of Mathematics and Physics, and Coordinator of the Master in Educational Mathematics.

He was a consultant in the area of ​​mathematics of the General Directorate of Curriculum of the Secretary of State for Education.

Since the 2007 is part of the teaching staff of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), where he also serves as coordinator of the Bachelor of Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Sciences. He is also a member of the postgraduate committee of this academic institution, and director of the Center for Mathematical Research and Mathematical Education (CIMEM-INTEC) and coordinator of the Mat-INTEC Academic Forum.

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