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INTEC implements a program to take care of the population's mental health

“Healthy mind program” is the technological tool, developed by experts from the INTEC School of Psychology, through which users can identify if they need psychological assistance, as a consequence of confinement.

INTEC implements a program to take care of the population's mental health

SANTO DOMINGO. - After over four months of the establishment of measures of confinement and social distancing to avoid the increase of infections by coronavirus (COVID-19), the escalation of the cases of confirmed and deceased, economic difficulties, among other factors, affect health mental of the population.

Stress, anxiety disorder and depression are some of the mental illnesses that could manifest themselves in people, but their early arrest, as well as their correct approach, can make a difference. That is why experts from the School of Psychology of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) have designed the “Healthy mind program ”, a technological tool that allows identifying, through a series of specialized questions, whether or not the person requires psychological assistance.

If the need is verified, the tool refers to people with volunteer specialists from the Ministry of Public Health and INTEC who throughout the pandemic have been offering remote service for free.

The form, which can be accessed through the link: Free of charge and open to the service of the whole of society, it is an initiative of INTEC that joins others developed by the university throughout the pandemic, as a way of contributing to face this virus from multiple angles.

As soon as the first COVID-19 infections were detected in the national territory, INTEC made available to the Dominican population a free online platform to identify those who may be at risk from the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, with a recommendation about whether you need to contact a doctor or get tested.

Likewise, a group of university students and teachers, with state, business, government support of the People's Republic of China and private individuals manufactured the INTEC low-cost mechanical ventilator Air INTEC, to alleviate the needs of the Dominican health system of this team.

So far, INTEC has delivered 86 units of the ventilators to the Ministry of Public Health, which have been distributed in different public and private health centers in the country. The goal is to deliver 300 units of fans.

Similarly, the academy has manufactured more than 8,500 protective face masks, which were given free of charge to health personnel who work with confirmed cases of the Coronavirus COVID-19 in various centers throughout the country. Another of INTEC's initiatives, together with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), is the creation of a predictive and risk management model of COVID-19 in the Dominican Republic that will measure the trends of the incidence curve (contagion) and the networks of national contagion (by geographic instances) to feed back the public policies of epidemiological control.

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