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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC will teach Bachelor and Master in Data Science

El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo It will be the only institution in the Dominican Republic that will train professionals capable of meeting the demand for data management nationwide

INTEC will teach Bachelor and Master in Data Science

SANTO DOMINGO. -The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) will teach the Bachelor and Master in Data Science, a unique offer nationwide that will train professionals in smart decision making and complex problem solving in the scientific, technological, business and social sectors.

Currently, the volume of data available worldwide grows exponentially due to the development of the Internet of Things and, therefore, a greater capacity for data management is necessary.

Professionals with a solid foundation in statistical and machine learning models with the ability to analyze, manage and optimize information are a fundamental part of strategic decision-making in organizations. Taking this into account and the current health crisis, the programs will be applicable to various areas, and will be taught in a semi-face-to-face mode.

Graduates of the bachelor's degree will be prepared to perform managerial, middle and / or technical management functions in organizations and develop the professional profiles of consultant and manager of R&D projects, specialists in BigData, director of IA projects, data scientist, manager Project Manager and Business Intelligence Information Systems Analyst.

In addition, they will have the competencies to use in a combined way the mathematical, statistical and programming foundations to develop solutions to problems in the field of data science; apply statistical and mathematical reasoning in study design, information gathering, data analysis, and drawing conclusions. In addition, through the Institutional Mobility program, students will be able to take specialized subjects for one or two terms at one of the universities with which INTEC has agreements.

About mastery

The Master of Science in Data is aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge necessary to develop predictive models, explore, prepare and analyze data. (structured, unstructured and Big data), visualize their patterns, articulate and interpret their findings to contribute to the intelligence of public and private institutions.

This program that has a duration of 9 quarters with a total of 71 credits, is aimed at professionals in the areas of engineering, computer science, economics, finance, business administration, mathematics and / or statistics.

The study area is made up of four modules or key knowledge areas and a research and final project area, which make up an adequate program to obtain the knowledge and practices necessary for the participant's performance in the application to professional life. These are: Mathematics, statistics and computational models; Visualization, preparation and data mining; Business Intelligence and Big Data; Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Research and final project.

Upon meeting the credit requirements and established academic conditions, the graduate will obtain the title of Master in Data Science. In addition, in the course of their studies they have options to obtain the following certifications: MOOC educational platform for certification “Microdegree in Artifical Intelligence” and Training and certification in the SAS Viya Platform in DM and ML courses.

Graduates will be able to create new and valuable use scenarios for large data sets of private companies and state organizations (Big Data); integrate modern software tools for Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Statistical Modeling to the complete cycle of data management. As well as applying disciplined and creative methods to question and interpret the results and retrieve, organize, combine, prepare and store structured and unstructured data from multiple sources.

Both the Bachelor and Master in Data Science will be officially presented on July 9 of this year, under the framework of the conference "Artificial Intelligence" and its role in new realities by Sammer Maskey, founder and CEO of the company FUSEMACHINES.

For more information, you can contact Postgraduate Promotion 809 567 9271 x.369 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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