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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC graduates first national promotion of the "Teachers of Excellence" program

The first promotions of the Film and Audiovisual Communication degree and the Master's Degree in Pediatric Nutrition also graduated from this ceremony.

SANTO DOMINGO. - In its first act de virtual graduation, due to the health situation in the country and the world due to the coronavirus COVID-19, the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) graduated this Saturday July 11 at 724 new professionals of degree and postgraduate.

In this sixtieth ceremony the first national cohort of the program "Teachers of excellence", developed with the National Institute of Education and Training of the Teaching (INAFOCAM), made up of 81 students. In addition, the first graduates of Cinema and Audiovisual Communication and the first promotion from Master in Pediatric Nutrition, made up of 18 doctors.

In pronouncing the central words of the act, the filmmaker Leticia Ringtones, indicated that the 30 professionals that make up the First promotion of the Degree in Cinema and Audiovisual Communication INTEC leave equipped with the technical tools and academic knowledge necessary to become productive members of the national audiovisual industry. "They are formed to be part of this wonderful universe in images that are becoming more and more important in today's world ”said the filmmaker.

During the ceremony, which was broadcast through INTEC's YouTube channel, they were invested 434 women y 290 men, of which 499 graduates (68.92%) belong to grade level y 255 (31.08%) a graduate level.

Of the 724 graduates, 166 concluded their academic programs with honors, of that total 70 graduated Summa Cum Laude; 61 Magna Cum Laude, while, 35 graduated Cum Laude. Likewise, fourteen of the graduates they belong to INTEC Program with Outstanding Young People (PIES), a pioneering initiative of the university that grants study scholarships for excellent students. Of the total graduating PIES, thirteen received their degrees with academic honors; six Summa Cum Laude and seven Magna Cum Laude.

In the ceremony

During the welcome speech of the act, the Rector Rolando M. Guzmán expressed to graduates that graduation “It is the day when memories and illusions meet. The memories that they have surely had at INTEC, and the illusion of the great moments that will come in your personal and professional life ”.

The speech on behalf of the graduates delivered it Arison Yúnior Guzmán Cuevas, graduated from the degree in Mathematics oriented to secondary education, from the program Teachers of Excellence, who stated that "Today this act marks the end of one of the most important paths we have had, and in this ending we share great joy, a joy at having achieved a personal goal that we set ourselves a few years ago ”.

However, the graduate from the Samaná province acknowledged that "that goal does not end here, the journey is just beginning, now we have to apply and take to the different contexts the skills that we have been building together, those skills that will allow us to make our actually a better place. ”

While the oath of the graduates was in charge of Luz Alicia Pascual Herasme, student beneficiary of the PIES scholarships, graduated from the degree in Accounting and Business Auditing, who took the oath from her home with her family.

The graduation ceremony was driven by the outstanding communicator Tatiana Rosario, the National Anthem was masterfully performed by Nayrobi Duarte, while Manny cruz had the closing of the ceremony with a counted with the artistic intervention. With his contagious meringues "You know how to fall in love" and "Dancing with you", he invited the graduates and their families to dance and enjoy a moment that will be inscribed in the history of INTEC and the life of each of the graduates, the first graduation virtual.

In figures

Of the total of graduates, 29.70 %% belong to the Engineering Area; 21.41% of the Economy and Business Area; 20.72% to the Health Sciences Area; 17.68% to the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities, and 10.50% to the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences. Similarly, 59.94% are women and 40.06% men.

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