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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC is the highest rated educational institution in the Dominican Republic

According to the First Ranking of Corporate Reputation, carried out by Newlink and Reputation Institute, the university occupies the 18 number 30 position with the most reputable companies in the country

INTEC is the highest rated educational institution in the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO. The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) is the best valued educational institution of the Dominican Republic according to the results of the First Ranking of Corporate Reputation, prepared by Newlink and Reputation Institute.

In RepTrak studio, which included interviews with 2,840 people, the INTEC occupies el 18 place among the 30 companies positioned in the ranking, and it is the first mentioned educational institution. This high valuation of the academy coincides with the Survey on "Institutional Heritage of INTEC", carried out by the Institutional Intelligence team of the university, in which 97% of respondents considered that the INTEC is a committed university with the country and the 83% assessed how high the contribution that the academy makes the country.

According to Newlink and Reputation Institute, the reputation of a company is a key factor in the creation of value, since it influences the support behaviors of the stakeholders and directly impacts the purchase intention, recommendation, investment, benefit of the doubt in Crisis situations and other supportive attitudes of Dominican consumers.

The RepTrak® model is the international standard for the measurement and management of corporate reputation. This also applies to all their studies and reports, some of which are as well-known and of such media notoriety as the Global RepTrak® 100, the Country RepTrak® and the City RepTrak®. In this case, 50 companies were identified by a previous study of nominations for good or bad reputation. Subsequently, more than 10,000 evaluations of these companies were made by the consumers interviewed. Of these, the first 30 stood out, making up the ranking.

El rector of INTEC, Rolando M. Guzmán, valued positively the contribution of the Newlink study for the productive sector. "A research of this nature has a high impact on institutions, and especially because it was made by a company with the independence and prestige of Newlink. It serves us as a thermometer to know how society perceives us y develop actions tending to maintain or improve our institutional reputation"He emphasized.

Data on the Institutional Heritage Survey of INTEC

Un 97% of respondents he assured that INTEC is a full institution. The 95% affirmed that it is inclusive and the 92% estimated that it is independent. Likewise, 92% said that INTEC fosters critical and creative thinking, in fact the 57% qualified the training of its excellent graduates.

The INTEC survey was carried out from the 18 from February to the 20 in May of this year and businessmen, members of the government, civil society, university graduates, opinion leaders, media, past members of the Board of Regents were consulted of the academy, professors and employees.

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