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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC delivers new professionals to the 641 country

Among the graduates is the first promotion of the Master's Degree in High Management that is taught to the Southwest in alliance with UCATEBA; In addition, 34 scholars of the INTEC Program with Outstanding Students (PIES)

INTEC delivers new professionals to the 641 country José Holguín, Rolando Guzmán, Claudia De Los Santos, Leandra Tapia and Indhira De Jesús. PHOTO: Chestaro.

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) invested 641 new professionals of degree, masters and specialty during its forty-seventh graduation ceremony, held this Saturday 12 October in the Sansoucí Terminal.

Among the graduates of the Master in Management 16 stands out from the first promotion of the Barahona Technological Catholic University (UCATEBA), as part of an agreement signed with that university in May of the 2011.

The Senior Management program with UCATEBA was the result of an institutional cooperation agreement between the two institutions to strengthen training in business management for professionals in the Southwest region of the country.

With the integration of these new 641 professionals into society, INTEC has increased its number of graduates to 25,423 since its foundation (1972), corresponding to the following levels: Técnicos, 1,908; Degree, 14,844 and Postgraduate, 8,671.
INTEC graduates celebrate their WEB titles

Of the graduates, 338 correspond to grade level, 119 to specialty and 184 of masters, among which are the groups of postgraduate courses in education of young people and adults, in data telecommunications, quality management and productivity, corporate finance , management of health and social security services and Human Resources administration.

The central speech of the act was in charge of Dr. José Holguín-Veras, who is the "William H. Hart Professor" and director of the Center of Excellence of the Volvo Foundation for Research and Education for Sustainable Urban Load Systems (CoE-SUFS) , and the Center for Infrastructure, Transport and Environment at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) of the State of New York.

Jose Holguin Graduation INTEC 2013 WEB
In his speech, the speaker presented about five life lessons, based on personal experiences and characters such as Albert Einstein. He exhorted the graduates to "consider the highest goals and always do their best to achieve them to achieve success and, when they fail, have peace of mind for doing everything that was within their reach."

Claudia De Los Santos of the Board of Regents of INTEC started the Graduation 47 WEB

The ceremony was headed by Claudia De los Santos, vice president of the Board of Regents of INTEC, and by the rector Rolando M. Guzmán. Together with them and the speaker, Leandra Tapia, Academic Vice Chancellor, was also on the board; Indhira De Jesús, Vice Rector of Research and Liaison and Alfonso Casasnovas, Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance.

Carlos Toribio said the INTEC WEB graduates Pledge
Carlos José Toribio Ceballos, graduated from the career of Electronic Engineering and Communications (SCL), pronounced the oath of honor of the graduates; followed by Faxharah Marie Ramírez Pacheco, graduate of the Accounting career (SCL) and INTEC Scholarship recipient with Outstanding Students (PIES), who was in charge of the speech of thanks on behalf of all graduates and graduates.

Faxhara Ramirez speech graduates Oct 2013

Guest speaker
Holguín-Veras has received numerous awards, including the White House Champion of Change Award (2013) on the Transportation line, the Milton Pikarsky Award for Best Thesis (1996) and the National Science Foundation of the United States Award United (NSF) for its contributions to the modeling of freight transport in relation to the economy.

His research is developed in the areas of modeling of cargo transport systems, transport economy, and humanitarian logistics. His work has led to important changes in transport policy and substantial improvements in urban freight transport systems. His studies in humanitarian logistics have played a prominent role in disaster response procedures, and have led to a deeper insight into what is the best way to respond to catastrophe situations.

Holguín-Veras chairs the Scientific Committee of the Pan American Conferences on Traffic and Transport Engineering and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the World Conference on Transport Research.

He obtained his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin at 1996, a Master of Science from the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) at 1984. He graduated in Civil Engineering from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) at 1982.

Of the new 641 graduates, 353 are women and 288 are men. Of the total, 212 belong to the Engineering Area; 185 to the Business Area; 154 to the Area of ​​Health Sciences; 76 to the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities and 14 to the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences.
Within the group, there are 72 graduates who obtained academic honors. Of these, 25 reached the title with honor Cum Laude; 3727 Magna Cum Laude and 20 the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude.

Likewise, within the promotion there are 34 graduates of the PIES program, 20 of which they reached academic awards, three Cum Laude; ten Magna Cum Laude and seven Sum Cum Laude.

INTEC 2013 Graduation Ceremony

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