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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC and ITECO sign collaboration framework agreement

The agreement contemplates the cooperation to carry out a master's degree in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering in the northwest area of ​​the country

INTEC and ITECO sign collaboration framework agreement

SANTO DOMINGO.- The rector of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), Rolando M. Guzmán, and the rector of Technological Institute of the Oriental Cibao (ITECO), Esteban Tiburcio Gómez, signed a collaboration agreement that includes a master's degree in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

During the signing ceremony, the president of INTEC expressed that it is an agreement that contributes to strengthening the traditional links between both institutions, while benefiting the educational community throughout the country.

The rector of ITECO also valued the pact as of great importance for higher education, while thanking INTEC for offering its accompaniment throughout the design process of the academic program of the master's degree, which will be taught in its premises. "INTEC has a wide range of experience and good practices that we want to host in our institution," said Tiburcio Gómez.

Tiburcio Gómez indicated that this is a highly relevant master's degree, given that it will be held at the ITECO headquarters in Cotuí, a mining area that is currently subject to a strong environmental impact, and for which there is already a large list of interested people.

The master's program includes topics such as the transport of pollutants, water pollution: water quality control and integral management of solid waste. In addition, air pollution and its control, water supply systems and environmental impact assessment.

The text of the agreement establishes that the collaboration between both academies will be developed in all areas of mutual interest such as research and development projects, exchange of information, experiences and academic documents, support to the postgraduate and entrepreneurship area, exchange of specialists in the areas of cooperation and development of projects to be submitted to the National Fund for Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCyT), among other actions.

The signing of a collaboration agreement was made in the office of the rector of INTEC and was attended by authorities from both houses of study. The Vice-Rector for Research and Liaison, Indhira De Jesús, attended the INTEC; the executive director of Development and Institutional Relations, Patricia Portela; the dean of the Area of ​​Basic and Environmental Sciences, Carmen Leticia Mendoza and the Coordinator of the Master in Sanitary and Environmental Engineering and teacher of the Area of ​​Engineering, Rosaura Pimentel.

Likewise, the rector of ITECO was accompanied by a delegation composed of the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Herminio Vásquez; the dean of Planning and Development, Juan Antonio Graciano; the internal auditor, Dionicio Ripoll and by the former rector of INTEC and founder of ITECO, Ramón Flores.

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