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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

INTEC designs an application that allows identifying the risk of contagion with COVID-19

INTEC designed a rapid test so that the population residing in the Dominican Republic can identify if they are at risk of contagion with COVID-19 and recommends how to proceed in each case

El Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) put to provision from población dominican one free online platform to identify who could be in condition de riesgo before him contagion of the coronavirus COVID-19, with a recommendation on whether you need contact to a doctor o to be made la prueba.

This initiative arises as a way to counter difficulties in accessing a health specialist and to facilitate decision-making at home. With the tool designed by INTEC, people will be able to quickly identify their risk condition before COVID-19, also offering a recommendation on what to do in each case.

The test, which is designed for residents in the Dominican Republic, with information provided by the local health authorities, is available indefinitely through the link:

Furthermore, the platform offers the user a recommendation adapted to your answers a five questions about hiss social habits recent, symptoms and conditions de health previous they could increase his condition riesgo to disease and identifies if the user requires immediate medical attention to be tested or if they could be kept at home monitoring their symptoms.

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