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Advocacy project started for the rights of women and youth

They will conduct oversight and network in order to influence national and international level in the guarantee of fundamental rights of women and young people, with special attention in improving the critical route of attention to victims of sexual violence

Advocacy project started for the rights of women and youth

In order to achieve greater guarantees y protection by the State, and that the population, especially women y young boys they can more fully exercise their rights; the Center for Gender Studies of Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC), (INTEC), Profamilia y Oxfam with the financing of the European Union they associate to carry out the ratos Lisies "an Active Defense Network of the Rights of Women and cálculo".

This initiative has as target strengthen el empowerment de organizations from civil society in the promotion y surveillance on warranty of the sexual rights y reproductive rights.

Specifically, the project aims to influence increase la attention quality of the Health services a teenage pregnancies, to those that affect women and girls survivors of sexual assault, and to influence the decriminalization of abortion by causes.

Among the main actions of the project is the articulation of a network for the defense of the rights of women and youth, training and execution of citizen oversight of health services y care for victims of sexual violence. With the results of the oversight, the Network will influence national and international level to improve public policies related to the guarantee of sexual rights and reproductive rights.

The initiative was presented in the panel "Social activism and articulation for the defense of human rights of women and young people", which included the dissertations of Carolina Santana, jurist and communicator, Stalin Montero, comunicólogo, university professor and social activist and Lidia Ferrer and Vanesa Rodríguez feminist activists of the National Confederation of Women of the Field (CONAMUCA).

This panel started the project and the "Training course in the defense of human rights of women and young people, aimed at women from 15 years and men of 15-24 years, members of organizations that develop work in the defense of rights of populations with disabilities, LGBT, denationalized, affected by racial discrimination, university people, and members of trade unions, to start on Saturday 9 in June at INTEC.

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