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Industries must control quality electrical systems

When dictating a workshop at INTEC, Mexican engineer Pablo de Jarmy Villareal explained that in the case of the United States, industries have losses that reach up to 90 a billion dollars a year, due to failures in the supply of energy.

Industries must control quality electrical systems

SANTO DOMINGO. The interruption of electrical power by Few minutes generates Millionaires loses at industry explained the engineer Pablo De Jarmy Villareal, operations manager of Energy Consulting and Solutions (ENCOS), Mexican company de energy consultancy for big industries who specializes in the electrical subject. 

When dictating the conference-workshop "Quality of electric power and electric arc in industrial systems", in the Julio Ravelo de la Fuente room Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), indicated that in United States the losses caused by failures in electrical systems they reach up to 90 one billion dollars per year. "While one hour of interruption it must cost 3 thousand to 4 thousand dollars, not counting the equipment that are lost, that easily exceed 10 thousand dollars"He emphasized.

However, he clarified that, just as there are natural factors that can cause a breakdown in the electric power systems and there may be failures in the distributing or generating companies; at 80% of cases the quality will depend on the conditions of the wiring structure made by the business owners

"Any user of electric power, whether small or large, is exposed to problems with their electrical system derived from external factors such as a raccoon that enters a substation and produces a short circuit, or a tree that knocks down an electrical tower; but also internally saving money in the electrical structure can have harmful consequences for production. " 

Of Jarmy considered that, to avoid those millionaire losses, the industralists must every certain time Submit your structure to energy quality studies and also to Determine the problems, correct them, and keep your system "healthy". "The industries must have systems of protections well coordinated and updated under professional criteria," he recommended. 

The objectives of the workshop, organized by ENCOS, CONVEXA and the INTEC Engineering Area, were to analyze the impact of maintenance, productivity and operating costs of electric power, the definition of faults in industrial systems and the risks associated with electric arc, under the understanding that the installation of an electrical system requires continuous improvement and that its constant evaluation allows to establish the limits of protection for personnel and equipment.

The two-day activity was attended by engineers and maintenance technicians, plant managers and operations, as well as national and international professors and consultants. 

About the exhibitor

Pablo De Jarmy Villarreal is a mechanical electrical engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of Monterrey, where he also studied a Master's Degree in Energy Engineering. It has the certifications of Certified Energy Manager and Certified Power Quality Professional, granted by the Association of Energy Engineers. 

He has developed energy quality projects for the main industrial clients in Mexico in several areas, such as steel, paper, cement and manufacturing; as well as projects of coordination of protections and electric arc. 

He has taught courses in energy quality, industrial electrical safety, and electric arc for various industries and electric power generation and distribution companies. 


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