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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

They give a conference on entrepreneurship and youth business development

Highlight the role of the entrepreneurial attitude in today's society

They give a conference on entrepreneurship and youth business development The board of directors was composed of Frank Elías Rainieri, Fabián Koss, José Manuel Caraballo, Ito Bisonó, and Anne Sophie Tejeda.

Santo Domingo. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and PROjuventud, joined forces to bring new ideas and paradigms to Dominican youth through the conference "Guidelines for entrepreneurship and youth business development", held on Wednesday January 16 in the auditorium of INTEC.

The conference was attended by panelists, the President of IDB Youth Programs, Fabián Koss and the Executive Director of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs (ANJE), Frank Elías Rainieri.

Both the INTEC, from its Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and PROjuventud, an entity made up of young leaders from different provinces of the country, are committed to encouraging entrepreneurship in the new generations. Both institutions work in the construction of new paradigms that allow to expand the vision of personal and social development in the Dominican Republic.

Elías Rainieri, during his speech stressed that the entrepreneur must be a person launched, capable of presenting his idea to everyone on every occasion that comes, without embarrassment and seeing at every moment an opportunity to sell your product. He also added: "Taking risks is part of being an entrepreneur, all decisions involve a risk and we should not allow them to be afraid of the changes".

For his part, Fabian Koss highlighted the role as a driving force that technology has played in increasing entrepreneurship through its great advances, within which he pointed to social networks.

Koss, originally from Argentina, is the youth liaison in the Special Program of the Office of External Relations of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and was named Youth Coordinator immediately after the IDB-Youth Israel Forum at 1995. He is one of the founders and coordinators of the Inter-American Working Group on Youth Development. He has served in Outreach International and was Co-Chairman of the Chapter of the National Commission of the Red Cross, and also belongs to the Board of Directors of many other institutions that work for Youth.

In addition to Elías Rainieri and Koss, the meeting was also chaired by José Manuel Caraballo, General Director of PROJuventud; Ito Bisonó, President of CAPP, and Anne Sophie Tejeda, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of INTEC.

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