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Tribute to writer Manuel Mora Serrano

The writer and lawyer, a native of Duarte province, was recognized in the XXIII edition of "A day with the author and his work", a program with which each year the university recognizes a prominent figure

Tribute to writer Manuel Mora Serrano

SANTO DOMINGO. At 84 years of age, the writer, literary researcher, poet and lawyer Manuel Mora Serrano was recognized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), through the Area of ​​Social Sciences and Humanities, in the twenty-third edition of the program "A day with the author and his work", which is held annually to honor a prominent figure in the country for his work. 
In the activity, students from schools and colleges make artistic presentations to highlight the highlights of the work of the honored author. On this occasion, the Santa Teresita School presented “Manuel Mora Serrano: The Human Being”; the Babeque Secondary School carried out the performance “Las Ciguapas de Mora Serrano; Identity, myth and symbolism ”; the Lux Mundi Educational Community performed the play “Manolo el trotamundos”; while the choir of the Las Américas Educational Center presented “Mora Serrano, ensueños que provokes”, a look at the artistic creation of the Franco-Corisano author. 
In addition, the poets Cayo Claudio Espinal, Ramón Rosario and Avelino Stanley spoke at the colloquium “Manuel Mora Serrano; three voices, three visions ”. The event that was held in the Julio Ravelo room of the Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi Library Fountain was led by the rector Rolando Guzmán, who offered a few words of welcome to the honored writer. 
Professor Carlos Cabrera, coordinator of the program "A day with the author and his work" welcomed those present and the dean of the Social Sciences and Humanities Area, Elsa Alcántara, gave the closing remarks of the event. 
About Mora Serrano
Mora Serrano is an honorary member of the Ateneo de Moca and the Puerta Plata Renovation Society; He presided over the literary society Friends of Truth and Beauty (founded in 1961 and still active), and the Club Recreativo y Cultural de Pimentel. 
From his column "Revelations", published for more than three decades (1971-2017) in different Santo Domingo newspapers, he has promoted national literature, especially that of writers from the northern part of the country.
His research has helped rescue many authors and works forgotten by local history and literary criticism. Likewise, he has repeatedly traveled abroad representing national literature.
In 1979 he won the Siboney award with the novel Goeíza. In 2013 he was awarded the Caonabo de Oro Prize, awarded by the Dominican Association of Journalists and Writers (ADPE). That same year, the literary society Arte Miches de Puerto Plata declared it a "Living Monument of Dominican Literature." From his marriage to Josefina Ramis Bruno - now deceased - he had four daughters: Taiana, Odaína, Maricécili and Ana Patricia.
Literary production
Currently Mora Serrano has in the editing phase the essay "Modernism and Criollismos in Santo Domingo at the end of the XIX century (The literary mob and literary myths)", but his work published so far compiles in: 
<br>• Dark Wine Celebration (2006)
<br>• Symphony in Greater Fear (2009-)
<br>• Domino Game (1973)
<br>• Goeíza (1980)
<br>• Say Saman (1984)
<br>• The day God hears the poor (1987)
<br>• Cockroaches (1993)
<br>• The Placid Angel (2010)
<br>• La Luisa (2016)
<br>• Spanish 6: Dominican and Hispanic American Literature (1978)
<br>• Postumism and Vedrinism: first Dominican avant-gardes (2011)
<br>• The price of fervor (1999)
<br>• Revelations of Pimentel (2008)
<br>• Poetic Anthology of Domingo Moreno Jimenes (1999)
<br>• Amorous Anthology by Domingo Moreno Jimenes (2009)

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