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Management of work happiness: fashion or reality

The Directorate of Permanent Education of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) will give the diploma "Management of labor relations" with the participation of experts Paloma Pache, Rolando de Peña and Otoniel Rincón

Management of work happiness: fashion or reality

SANTO DOMINGO. - The success of the companies not only depends on impact that can generate in their customersbut also of the niveles de happiness labor their staff. In this regard, the polling firm Gallup revealed that, those institutions where job happiness is highest obtain an average sale between 8 thousand and 12 one thousand dollars more per month.

The survey for which 230 thousand employees of 150 countries were interviewed, determined that: a happy company increases 10% in the qualifications of its customers, has an 55% less turnover, loyalty 44% more to its employees, It has an 42% less absenteeism, it has an 58% less security problems and it has an 40% less defective products.

In this regard, Dove Pache, work psychologist specializing in human talent management, ensures that job happiness is not a fashion, but a reality. The expert points out that companies e institutions they must have a strategy to to guarantee la happiness their staff, and specifies that it does not consist of an afternoon to provide ice cream, have a room to play Pin Pon or a massage room.

“Many times we do activities that involve cost, but in the end they are episodes of gratification that can be confused with work happiness,” says Pache.

In that sense, he argues that the happiness consists to access a positive recurring emotions as well as in leadership programs, formation programs where the employee sees a future that guarantees crecimiento and development. “An environment where you feel respect, can feel confident, trust your work and feel committed, those are the programs that are most destined to create a stable job happiness,” he emphasizes.

“Happiness does not have to be given by the company, we manage it. The company puts a part with its benefits, its compensation program, but definitely each of us is responsible and protagonists of our happiness, ”he says.

Pache, next to lawyer Rolando de Peña, Specialist Corporate Business Lawand Otoniel Rincon Castillo, accountant specialized in the payroll area y labor relations, will be the facilitators of the diploma "Labor Relations Management" that will impart the Directorate of Permanent Education of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC).

El target of this program is form talent able to know the best people management practices Within the framework of employee-employer relationship. Whoever attends the diploma will know how to assess the real situation of the work climate of organizations of different kinds and natures; may design initiatives y programs that Fidelicen collaborators, thus ensuring a better return to the investment made in talent and will apply effective strategies to optimize labor happiness and complement monetary and emotional remuneration.

The diploma consists of four modules: the first “Fundamentals and Best Practices in Labor Relations”, in which the themes of the beginning of labor relations, their classification and the obligation of the parties will be addressed. A second module will contain the legal aspects from the modality of the contracts, termination of employment contracts, absenteeism and licenses, the consequences system and the unions.

Meanwhile, the third module “Compensation; regulatory framework ”will cover aspects related to working hours, breaks and licenses, overtime and variable compensation.

The last module is entitled “Managing Work Climate and Happiness at Work”, which will deepen the importance of open communication in labor relations, low performance, study of the work environment and conflict management and the importance of Transparency and reporting channels.

For more information about this and other graduates you can access the portal, send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact via phone (809) 567-9271 extensions 214, 215 and 547.

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