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Founder and CEO of WAZE dictates conference at INTEC on how to create technological projects

The INTEC Engineering Department, as part of its activities to promote the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, held a conversation with Noam Bardin, founder and CEO of WAZE.

Founder and CEO of WAZE dictates conference at INTEC on how to create technological projects

SANTO DOMINGO. -For Noam Bardin, founder and CEO of WAZE, the challenge they have The entrepreneurs to build your business projects goes beyond the technologies, in your opinion, lies in dream big and have the vision in doing different things.

By participating in a talk about culture de entrepreneurship and innovation at Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC), the Israeli innovator claimed that all the data is available, so that young people with desire to undertake they have no excuses To say that they do not know the technology.

He emphasized that when starting a project that involves technology, the past must be set aside, and that everything can be reinvented.

"Only with studying engineering and knowing English have 10 steps in front of their generation, to do things differently" stressed Bardin, who called INTEC students to identify local problems that engineers from another place, such as Silicon Valley do not understand, in order to cover the market. "You have more advantages in identifying and solving the problems that affect this region," he said.

On the obstacles that arise at the time of undertaking, Bardin said that the difficulties will be in the day to day, But the ability to keep working y never give up will be predictors of success of the entrepreneur

"The key is to believe in you and what you can do, and any venture you develop should be something that you are passionate about because the road will be difficult, and many things will not work perfectly. The failure of people is not when you run out of money, but when you run out of will to continue working, "Bardin said.

On your side, Arturo del Villar, dean of the Engineering Area, congratulated Noam Bardin its performance as CEO of Waze, who has turned the company into one of the most outstanding staturps in the world and the first company of Israeli consumer applications bought for more than a million dollars.

The dean said that "if we want to achieve our goals in the fields of energy, climate and air pollution, we must act now and redouble our efforts, through safer roads, easier and more sustainable traffic."

For Del Villar, as more innovative technology is adopted in the transport sector, a new framework must be developed to guide the planning of urban mobility.

"The new framework must be clearly focused on how to allow all people, regardless of their income or other social status, to better access the urban services they need, while reducing motorized traffic," said del Villar.

In that sense, the dean of the Engineering Area highlighted that the Software career students they developed "Appie"A application so that people with smartphones get the price and the most convenient public transport route to mobilize.

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