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Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo

Frank Guerrero Prats will continue to be a mentor for all economics students

Relatives of the deceased economist donated their personal library to the INTEC Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi Library, which consists of 3,544 book titles, brochures, and 67 magazine titles

Frank Guerrero Prats will continue to be a mentor for all economics students

HOLY SUNDAY- Frank Guerrero Prats he is not physically there, but he will be a mentor for all students in the Economics and Business Area who consult his personal collection of books, which were donated to the Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi Library of the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) after his unexpected and premature death in March 2021.

Briam Guerrero, his nephew, recounted how his uncle inspired him to be a better person and to give his best in every aspect of his life. "Uncle Frank was always a mentor and guide for me in every way, any type of professional, academic and even personal decision was the person with whom I could feel comfortable expressing the reason for certain decisions," said the young man during the recognition ceremony for Guerrero Prats, organized by the Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi Library.

 “That mentorship that I always had from Uncle Frank, the one I had from his support, can be transferred with that donation, and it will not only be my uncle, but the uncle of all those who study economics”, he outlined to the audience.“Although we cannot physically see him, Uncle Frank will continue to be that guide, that mentor for all students who fall in love with the reason for the economy,” he stressed.

The collection received by INTEC is made up of 3,544 book and pamphlet titles, and 67 magazine titles belonging to Francisco (Frank) Guerrero Prats. "We are fulfilling whatever your wish was by donating these books that will contribute to the training of new professionals who are developing today in the area of ​​Economics," said the prominent economist Roberto Liz, one of his closest friends, when offering the words highlights of the event that took place in the Julio Ravelo de la Fuente room.

"Before God and the history of witnesses we meet here at this time, we combine pain and feeling and we say goodbye dear friend", were words that unleashed deep feelings all those present.

“Francisco, your brothers, family, colleagues and friends, as well as everything in life that you supported and protected, we should feel full and proud of your life, of your imprint, and at the same time privileged to have shared with you your fruitful existence” Liz expressed during her recognition ceremony.

The family and friends of Guerrero Prats not only remembered the former Governor of the Central Bank and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, but also glimpsed the image of a human being full of values: respectful, empathetic, "gentleman of diplomacy".

Julio Sanchez Maríñez, rector of INTEC, shared about the importance of this donation within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the university.

"This donation encourages us all to continue because it is the representation of how INTEC has been done: with sweat, with selflessness, with the support of many people from many fronts and that is why we have been able to be constructively associated, but academically independent" , he pointed out in his speech.

Elsi Jiménez, director of the Library, stated that Guerrero Prats' personal library will contribute to meeting the objectives of disseminating academic information to the entire society.

His family thanked the act of recognition and the reception of his library at INTEC. “Wherever my brother is, I know that he will be full of joy and happiness knowing that his role as mentor and guide is reflected in his books that today we deliver to this prestigious institution for all the people who dedicate themselves to the study of economics. ”, expressed Ivelisse Guerrero Prats Ramirez, sister of the deceased economist.

Inauguration of the Donors Gallery

During the recognition ceremony for Francisco Guerrero Prats Ramírez, the Donor Gallery, a space created to thank all the personalities who placed their trust in the Emilio Rodriguez Demorizi Library to preserve their personal and specialized collections, in order to put them at the service of society.

Over the years, the Library has received bibliographic donations from personalities such as Emilio Rodríguez Demorizi, Francisco Comarazamy, Luis Brea Franco; José López Valdés, Rafael Corominas Pepín, Alfonso Lockward, Miguel Ángel Heredia, Armando Hoepelman, Eduardo Latorre, among others. The gallery is available in the antechamber of the Julio Ravelo de la Fuente room.

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