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Editorial Fund of INTEC is resized

He recently published the novel "Esas cartas" and "Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics", with the aim of contributing to knowledge in various areas

Editorial Fund of INTEC is resized Part of the books put into circulation by the Editorial Fund of INTEC.

Santo Domingo. The Editorial Fund of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) started 2013 with the publication of two works: "Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics", authored by Dr. René Piedra, and the novel "Those letters", the first paper publication of Professor Manuel Matos Diedoné.

The first fills a gap in the didactic literature of Mathematics, since it presents the teachers of Media and Higher Education with a useful tool with concepts and exercises in a plain language. Matos Diedoné's novel, based on a true story, about the consequences of limitations on love in the youth stage, is the third novel by the author, who has published stories, poems and essays in electronic versions.

With these works, which are added to those of 2012 with titles on Medicine, Economics, Spanish Language, Gender and Humanities, the INTEC Editorial Fund continues a long trajectory that began in the 70 decade and that in this 2013 is resized, with a diverse line of publications to contribute to knowledge, culture and teaching from the different academic areas.

Scientific communication and dissemination as essential activities of the INTEC, have in the Science and Society Magazine one of its main organs to expose the findings of national and international scholars and researchers. It is published since the 1975 year, every three months, and is included as a scientific periodic publication, representative of the Dominican Republic in prestigious information networks of Latin America and the Caribbean, such as LATINDEX and REDALyC.

Among the works planned to be published this year through the fund are a book about the Dominican furniture, by Angélica María Rodríguez and another on neuroscience, by Huberto Bogaert García, among others.

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