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Experts suggest using physical education in schools to combat sedentary lifestyle

They affirm guidance to children and young people on the importance of physical activity is the main weapon to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyle

Experts suggest using physical education in schools to combat sedentary lifestyle

SANTO DOMINGO. International experts in Physical Activity and Sports Science Oscar José Incarbone (Argentina) and Víctor Matsudo (Brazil) gave the Healthy Schools conference series organized by the Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (INTEC) and the National Institute for Training and Training of Teachers (INAFOCAM).

More than a hundred Physical Education teachers from the country participated in the presentations in which Incarbone and Matsudo agreed that the main weapon to combat the effects of sedentary lifestyle and the diseases it produces is the orientation to students about the importance of physical activity from an early age.

Incarbone emphasized the importance of including information material on the various physical activities and exercises within the textbook package, so that they serve as a guide for students as it happens with mathematics, languages ​​and science.

Oscar Incarbone

"A school-age adolescent must perform 180 minutes of physical activity and a maximum of two hours of screen (computers, electronic games, etc.)," ​​said Incarbone, who highlighted the importance of the medical community in awareness-raising work. families on the subject.

Matsudo stressed that the insertion of electronic devices in daily life became a distracting element and that, if not taken well, they become threats to health. Matsudo was the creator of the global campaign "Agita Sao Paulo", which served as the basis for the World Health Organization to launch the "Move Yourself" campaign for your health at 2012.

"The goal is to achieve a healthier school through physical education, reduce childhood obesity and educate about healthy foods," said Matsudo.

In the afternoon, Incarbone also gave the lecture "Sedentarismo en la Niñez, generation of healthy habits, the school as a factor of change", while Matsudo spoke on "Effect of childhood obesity on the adult of tomorrow", in the Domus II of the National Botanical Garden.

Victor Matsudo 2

The meeting was organized by the Center for Educational Studies of INTEC and INAFOCAM, and it was held in two days at both institutions.

The opening words were in charge of the Minister of Sports, Jaime David Fernández Mirabal, who stressed the importance of using physical activity as a way to prevent diseases.

In addition to the group present, the conferences were followed by groups of teachers and students virtually from Santiago, San Pedro de Macoris and San Juan de la Maguana.

The event aims to become a space for training and reflection that commits the educational community to actively promote and participate in multiple strategies that generate meaningful learning and better quality of life from school, taking as axis articulator and transdisciplinar to physical activity as well as the playful and motor practices from early childhood.

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