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Expert in Innovation Frugal lectures on how to create more social and economic value with fewer resources

Navi Radjou, Innovation and Leadership Advisor presented success stories from India, China and several countries in Africa where large populations were impacted with low-budget technologies developed

Expert in Innovation Frugal lectures on how to create more social and economic value with fewer resources

SANTO DOMINGO. - The effects of climate change in the world, as well as the escasez de natural resources are factors that have affected that, not only the countries en process of development, but also the developed, learn a create technologies e innovations a using fewer resources, he claimed Radjou ships, adviser de innovation y leadership based in Silicon Valley.

When dictating the talk "Co-creating more social and economic value using fewer resources", in the Social Security Auditorium of Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo, the expert in frugal innovation He assured that, the new generation is frugal innovator by default, since having fewer resources become more creative.

In that sense, he stood out to be a innovative frugal you must have a social heart and a technological soul, because it is this type of innovation that provides a solution to the social problems that countries face.

Radjou, who came to the country invited by the General Directorate of Public Procurement, with the support of the delegation of the European Union through the Directorate General of Multilateral Cooperation (DIGECOOM), said that frugal innovation helps to think about the problem, and that the true innovator proposes a solution that has a result of the same quality as imported technology, but made with much more economical and sustainable resources, essential in developing countries like the Dominican Republic.

He explained that this type of innovation has been developed in low-income areas such as Latin America, China, India and Africa. During his presentation at INTEC, he pointed out that he had never visited the Caribbean region and that the Dominican Republic was the country that gave him that opportunity.

He said that when he learned that he was coming to the Dominican Republic, he searched the Internet for innovation and everything pointed to INTEC, so he asked his hosts to bring him to this university so he could talk to a young audience about everything that It can be done with few resources, to guarantee health, energy and countless services for people living in poverty levels.

In the event, organized by the Center for Government, Enterprise and Society (CEGES), Radjou emphasized that currently frugal innovations developing countries are supplying ideas, at the technological level, to the developed countries. Therefore, he urged Dominicans to create and capitalize new technologies, even in conditions where it is believed that there is no possibility of prospering.

The Vice-Rector for Research and Linking of INTEC, Víctor Gómez-Valenzuela, affirmed that the relevance of understanding frugality in the field of innovation in the context of our countries is given by the opportunity it offers to raise the innovative and entrepreneurial potential of our young people, women , small and medium enterprises, but above all to understand that we must and can innovate in a cost-effective way, promoting the culture of entrepreneurship, learning and collaborative effort.  

Introducing the speaker, Dr. Yokasta Guzman Santos, director of the General Directorate of Public Procurement and Contracts, highlighted that this unit actively promotes the Dominican model of inclusive and sustainable public procurement, constituting it as an indispensable tool for economic and social development for MSMEs, women, people with disabilities and national productive sectors, so that interested and interested parties can provide the State with goods and services based on economic and quality solutions that respond to the demands of government institutions.

Guzman Santos said that with the Radjou conference they try to continue raising awareness among public entities so that they acquire materials that are not harmful to the environment, that people learn to reuse and use the same tools to create sustainable products.

The General Directorate of Public Procurement applauds the vision expressed by the innovation advisor, Navi Radjou, who agrees with the new approach granted to State purchases, which consists of making the use of resources more efficient to contribute to development and redistribution, as well as as well as promoting equal opportunities.

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